Almost Sufal Sampoorna: 5 Types Of Kheer You Need To Know If Sai’s Kitchen Inspires You

Manjiri Shete

September 1, 2019


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1.Rice Kheer

Sai’s cooking in Almost Sufal Sampoorna motivates the amateur cooks, like us, to work hard to sharpen our culinary skills. There is nothing better than seeing her cook all the delicious recipes with so much love and happiness. Recently, we saw Sai prepare special kheer in front of Nachiket who is making his documentary on the Marathi culture. On witnessing this, we decided to make kheer for ourselves, too. If you are a beginner, here are the easy kheer recipes that you ought to try at home.

You have to cook basmati rice in milk. Then, sprinkle the mouthwatering blend with saffron, cardamom, cashews and raisins.

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

2. Paneer Kheer

Most of the paneer recipes that we see on the restaurant menu cards fall into the savoury category. However, breaking those traditions, paneer kheer is prepared from the blend of cottage cheese and thickened milk. This mixture is topped with cardamom powder, dry fruits and jaggery.

3. Moong Dal Payasam

You have to cook the moong dal in a cooker for almost 3 whistles. When the moong dal is cooked and softened, add jaggery and cashews. Stir the mixture till the jaggery melts properly in the moong dal. This dish also boasts health benefits for people with high blood pressure.

4. Orange Kheer

Have you ever thought of mixing the sweetness of milk with the tanginess of orange? In case, you are bored with the regular orange pulp, try out this recipe. Initially, simmer the heated milk. Then, sprinkle dry fruits, jaggery and cardamom powder. This is followed by adding the bits of deseeded oranges.

5. Phirni

Soak the rice for almost one hour.  After draining the water, make the rice paste with the help of a grinder. Then, heat the paste while stirring it constantly without letting the paste stick to the base of the vessel. Let it cook for a few minutes. Finally, add jaggery, cashews and saffron and refrigerate it.

What do you think about the above recipes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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