Almost Sufal Sampoorna: 5 Life Lessons Sai Can Learn From Appa And Ajji!

Manjiri Shete

September 25, 2019


4 min


Believe it or not, our grandparents are full of hidden treasures. After living through the good and bad experiences, they have a lot to teach us. If you were to give up checking your social media for a day, you will learn unique stories from them. In Almost Sufal Sampoorna, too, Sai is lucky to be living with her grandparents who always have words of wisdom. Appa and Ajji have built a home together after facing hurdles and having each other’s back during the difficult times. So, here are lessons that we can learn from them today.

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1. Understand their stories

The visit to your grandparents’ house guarantees hearing stories from them about their youth. As Sai is staying with Ajji and Appa under the same roof, we bet she must know everything about their growing up days. These stories teach you how they worked hard and made sacrifices while giving the best they could for their children.

2. The importance of patience

The life lessons about the importance of patience that your grandparents teach you to have its own magic. These lessons will teach you to work hard and give your best shot without expecting anything selfishly. We believe in Almost Sufal Sampoorna, Appa and Ajji are at this position because they overcame challenges while being patient.

3. Yummy food recipes

Our mouth starts watering thinking about the dishes our grandmother makes. We all love the way our grandmother cooks. In Almost Sufal Sampoorna, growing up with Ajji surely has had an impact on Sai which is why she is such a brilliant cook herself today. Moreover, the food recipes that Sai learns from Ajji has a better taste than those fancy restaurants.

4. Ways to through marriage

It is no secret that our generation is very fickle-minded. The social networking applications play the cupid leaving little space for our loved ones having their say. But, in this process, we all forget the compromises which we have to make and let the ego-clashes take the front seat. If we were to ask our grandparents they definitely agree with the way the marriage works. Luckily, Sai has her Ajji who could help her in the area.

5. Living in the moment

We have mixed emotions when it comes to the use of technology. In the absence of technology, our grandparents were more connected to each other than we are today to our loved ones. They were enjoying the moment and living in it. Better than us who are busy using dog filters and taking unrealistic selfies.

We would love to know the things that your grandparents have taught you in the comments below.

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