Almost Sufal Sampoorna: 5 Best Episodes Like Appa’s Intoxication, Nachiket’s Proposal

Ankita Tiwari

July 8, 2020


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1. Nachiket's Gift For Sai

Almost Sufal Sampoorna is a romantic youth-centric show with cultural diversification as a background. In the show, Sai Ketkar and her family live in a very orthodox manner. Sai’s grandfather, fondly called Appa, is the head of the house and everyone follows his orders. Their life changes when Nachiket Deshpande, an Australian NRI, returns and stays in the house next to theirs. Nachiket and Appa’s viewpoints clash and place them at loggerheads routinely. But it gets even more complicated when Sai and Nachiket fall in love! Here are the best episodes of the show so far!

In this episode of the show, Nachiket and Sai barely know each other. But Nachiket has already developed romantic feelings for Sai. He tries to convey these by gifting her something special on the occasion of Puja at the Ketkars’ house. Also, Aaji covers up for Sai’s absence as Appa searches for her.

2. Nachiket And Sai Become Friends

In this episode, Sai is sent to Nachiket’s house. She sees Nachiket and Digambar dozing off. She wakes them up. Nachiket tries to express his feelings to Sai and he ends up telling her that she is important to him. Finally, Sai relents and Nachiket’s and Sai’s friendship begins.

3. Sai's Nauvari Makes Nachiket Emotional

In this episode of the show, we saw how Nachiket goes to Gujarat for business purposes. Sai follows him. She is the model for the Ketkar business advertisement. For the shoot, Sai dons the attire of a traditional Marathi nauvari along with a gajra and nath. Nachiket gets teary-eyed upon seeing Sai.

4. Appa Gets Drunk

In this Holi special episode of the show, Appa mistakenly drinks ‘bhaang’ and becomes intoxicated. He behaves immaturely and dances as well as hangs with Nachiket putting a hand over his shoulder. Whoever thought the drink could turn two sworn enemies turn into best friends?

5. Sai's Dream Of Dancing Is Shattered

In this episode of the show, Sai is asked to dance on stage and participate in a competition. She becomes nostalgic about her fond memories with classical dancing. But something keeps her away from the dance and she refuses Phulwa Tai. Appa, Aaji, and everyone else in the household too refuse to allow Sai to perform! What could Sai’s secret that stops her from pursuing her dream be?

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