Almost Sufal Sampoorna 26 March 2020 Written Update: Phulwa Tai’s Warning Disturbs Sai

Neel Raju Nalawade

March 26, 2020


3 min

In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we see Ajji trying to convince Appa to allow Sai to perform on stage. She tells Appa that if he can allow Sai to shoot for an advertisement, then it is unfair of him to not give her permission to dance in front of an audience. Appa explains himself by saying that the ad shoot took place in his presence and that everything was done within the premises of their business. He adds that if Sai decides to perform, she will be doing so in front of unknown people and he is totally against the same. Ajji is left speechless and refuses to argue with Appa further.

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After some time, Ajji tells Kalpana that as the world is progressing, Appa is becoming more and more orthodox. She also says that if everyone would have thought like Appa, the world would never have seen great dancers ever. Kalpana tries to calm down Ajji but the latter continues to complain about Appa. She tells Kalpana that on one hand, Appa brags about the Indian culture and traditions and on the other, he is stopping his granddaughter from performing a traditional dance.

Meanwhile, after reaching Phulwa Tai’s dance academy, Sai is about to begin her practice when she receives a call from Appa. He asks Sai if all the business-related work is done. After the call ends,  Sai begins her dance practice while Phulwa Tai observes her. While practicing, Sai looks distracted and disturbed. This disappoints Phulwa Tai. She tells Sai that her fear of Appa can be reflected in her dance. While talking, Phulwa Tai also comes to know about Sai and Nachiket’s affair. She warns Sai that Appa is going to cause a lot of hindrance in their relationship if she continues to follow his principles and meaningless rules.

On the other hand, Nachiket calls Appa and gives him a piece of good news. He tells Appa that soon, his business shall expand. Appa is truly impressed by Nachiket’s efforts. Will Phulwa Tai’s warnings to Sai, turn into reality? Stay tuned and find out only on Almost Sufal Sampoorna.

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