Almost Sufal Sampoorna 18 January 2020 Written Update: Appa Forges Nachiket’s Signature

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January 18, 2020


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In the previous episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we saw that Sai shouted at Nachiket and he left in a jiffy. Feeling guilty, Sai then confessed about this to her best friend Richa, who tried to help her by figuring out information regarding Nachiket’s location, from Digs. Richa finally gets the required information from Digs and passes it on to Sai. In today’s episode, Sai is shown feeling guilty and sad. She confides in Ajji, who tells her to calm down, as Nachiket has gone to only Gujarat and not Australia.

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At Nachiket’s house, everyone is happy about him being independent and working. Though he has gone for Mr. Pardeshi’s work, everyone praises his business acumen. Appa gets furious, when everyone at home tells him to seek business advice from Nachiket. Richa tries to persuade Digs to tell her where Nachiket is exactly, but he gives an excuse saying that he has forgotten.

Meanwhile Sai is reminded of all the memories she had with Nachiket, from his favourite slang, to his favorite food. At home, the police arrive to ask Appa to shut down his business, as the land on which it is established, is not his. But Appa tells him that Nachiket has transferred it on his name.  However, he shocks everyone by revealing that Nachiket hasn’t signed on the documents. Appa comes up with an idea and forges the signatures, while at the same time, Digs gives away the information to Richa, about Nachiket being in Gujarat. Appa tries to convince everyone including Sai, by making it look like Nachiket has transferred the documents to his name.

Will Appa’s truth be out or will he get away with the lie? Stay tuned to know more! Catch all the episodes of Almost Sufal Sampoorna streaming on Zee5 now!

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