Almost Sufal Sampoorna 14 November 2019 Written Update: Will Sai Confess Her Feelings?

Manjiri Shete

November 14, 2019


3 min


In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, the people of Marathi Mandal take Nachiket’s test. They ask him to speak about Sai in front of everyone. Nachiket obeys and compliments Sai and her hard work in Marathi. During this, he fumbles a bit and Appa takes this opportunity to humiliate Nachiket. He tells Nachiket that he has lost the challenge and has to go out of their house. He proclaims that Marathi isn’t as easy to learn as it seems. Appa is interrupted by the guests of the Marathi Mandal. Unlike Appa, they compliment Nachiket for taking an interest in learning Marathi. Then, they make Appa the head of the Marathi Mandal.

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Everyone in the Ketkar family is happy with this good news. The ladies remind Appa that he can no longer charge Nachiket for his food. Hearing this, Appa angrily tears the menu card which he had specially made for Nachiket. Nachiket smiles at Appa knowing that he won the challenge. Then, Appa tells Nachiket how much he hates him. Nachiket hears about Appa’s hatred and remains calm. He instead tells Appa that he is not going to move out of the Ketkar house since he found the people whom he loves. Appa decides to involve the lawyer at the earliest.

After speaking to Appa, Nachiket goes to his friends and vents about Sai who isn’t ready to acknowledge her feelings. Richa defends Sai as Nachiket says that Sai should be speaking up. Following this, Nachiket goes to Sai and subtly tells that the girl whom he loves should start talking about her feelings. He throws a hint that the only reason he is staying in Sai’s house is because of her.

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