Almost Sufal Sampoorna 13 December 2019 Written Update: Will Appa See Nachiket And Sai?

In tonight’s episode, Nachiket and Sai have a romantic dance. What if Appa finds out?


December 13, 2019


3 min


In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we see Chinu completing his homework as his father gets ready for the office. At that moment Chinu’s mother reminds his father about his promise last evening. It was decided that he would be the one to ask Ajji to convince Appa to meet with the businessman, who plans to export their food items. Surprisingly, Chinu’s father says that he hasn’t got the time as he is running late for the office. 

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At the shop, Mr Pardeshi pays the Ketkars one more visit where he tries to convince Prasanna that they must accept his offer. This puts both Prassana and Kaku in great trouble as they are extremely afraid of telling Appa about the offer of exporting food items. Both of them try to convince Mr Pardeshi to take his business somewhere else. He agrees to leave but tells them to take some more time before they give him a definitive answer. 

At home, Ajji and Aai discuss how it is better to wear western dresses sometimes. Ajji says that she would love to try on jeans someday. Further on, she tells Aai how important it is to take good things from every culture and not judge it overall. This is when Appa walks in and announces that he is planning to go visit Mr Pardeshi. 

This shocks Aai and Ajji both for two entirely different reasons. Ajji is shocked at first but asks Appa who he is referring to when he says Mr Pradeshi. He tells her that he is talking about Nachiket. Upon hearing this, Aai breathes a sigh of relief as this is not about the export businessman.

Appa sets out to see Nachiket’s house to find what exactly is happening under the name of decoration. While he is walking towards the latter’s home, Nachiket and Sai are dancing on a romantic song inside. They talk about their feelings for each other and are happy within themselves. That’s exactly when Appa walks in.

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