Almost Sufal Sampoorna 12 December 2019 Written Update: Will Appa Say Yes To Mr Exporter ?

In tonight’s episode, all the elders decide to convince Appa to let them export their food items. What will happen next?


December 12, 2019


4 min


In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we see that the terror of ringing phone continues in Appa’s life. He is fast asleep when the phone rings and wakes him up with a start. Remembering the last time he spoke on the phone, he gets tensed and calls his eldest daughter-in-law to pick up the call. She picks it and informs him that the call is for him and not her. This gets him worried because he suspects that the woman on call could be the same one who irritated him last time. To his immense relief, it is his sister, calling to ask about his well-being

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At the Ketkar family’s shop, Prasanna and Kaku are getting things in order. They are glad about the fact that recently the profits have doubled. Kaku thinks that this is because of the ability to maintain the quality of products, consistently. Prasanna tells her that the reason could also be the recent tie-up with online delivery partners, because of whom the business might have doubled. 

As they are having this discussion, Mr Pardeshi walks in. He is a dealer of export products who really appreciates the quality of products that the Ketkar family sells. He tells them that if they are willing, he is ready to export these food products out of India to countries like America, USA and Europe. He promises them that doing this will help them in doubling their profits. Hearing this both of them get excited, but wonder if Appa will be willing to talk to someone whose surname means ‘foreigner’. 

At home, Chinu is busy with his homework and Appa is seated next to him in order to supervise. Chinu asks Appa what the meaning of the word  ‘Niryaat’ is. Appa informs him that it means ‘to export’ and Chinu then tells him about a friend whose father has an export business. He goes on to tell Appa about how wealthy his friend is and that he has four cars. This angers Appa and he tells Chinu that he is extremely against this business of exporting anything made in India out of the country. He also tells Chinu that he will never allow anything from the Ketkar family’s shop to be exported. 

At night, the elders sit together and discuss Mr Pardesi and his offer. All of them are scared to approach Appa and seek his permission. What will happen next? Will Appa say yes to the idea to export their business products? What will be Sai’s reaction to this? 

To find out more, watch the entire episode. 

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