Almost Sufal Sampoorna 10 December 2019 Written Update: Will Ajji’s Plan Be Successful?

In tonight’s episode, both Ajji and Nachiket set different plans in motion. Will their plans work?


December 10, 2019


4 min


In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we see a disturbed Nachiket trying his best to fall asleep. The reason for his disturbance is the series of loud, harsh snoring noises made by Appa, who is supposedly unwell and needs someone to sleep with him in the room. And, that someone is our poor Nachiket, who tries his best to stop Appa from snoring. First, he tries to tickle Appa, which works momentarily, but the snoring starts once more, much to his (Nachiket) dismay! Then, he finally picks up a piece of nylon rope and moves it over Appa’s ears. This results in a win, as Appa finally stops snoring and Nachiket is able to sleep. 

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In the morning, as Nachiket and Appa go for their walk, they talk about how tired Nachiket looks. When asked the reason for this (by Appa), he tells Appa that there are mosquitoes in the room that snore in his ear. Appa finds this quite amusing and soon both of them sit on a bench. As Nachiket goes to buy himself some tea, Appa plans to make him walk even further until he gets tired. This is a part of his plan to kick Nachiket out of his house. 

But to Appa’s surprise, the tables are turned around on him by Nachiket, who says that he wants to renovate and redecorate his house as soon as possible, so he can move out. To which Appa says a resounding yes, and also says that he will request Sai to spend as much time as it takes to get the renovations in order. Upon hearing this, Nachiket is very pleased and both of them walk home.  

At home, Ajji seems to be up to some mischief. We see her take some money out of Appa’s shirt and hide it in her Sari. This is seen by Sai, who asks Ajji why she steals money from Appa’s pocket. To which Ajji and Aai, both, tell her that sometimes it is okay to take some money from your husband sometimes, especially when your husband is as stingy or kanjoos as Appa is. After which all three of them have a laugh and Ajji tells them that she plans to send Chinu to his picnic with this money, as she can’t see him sad and disheartened. 

While this is happening inside the house, Nachiket and Appa reach outside the house, when Nachiket gets a phone call that gets him excited. What could this phone call be about? Will Ajji’s plan succeed? 

To know more, stay tuned! 

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