Almost Sufal Sampoorna 1 November 2019 Written Update: Sai Confused About Rosaleen

In tonight’s episode, Amol tells Sai that Nachiket didn’t meet anyone but Nachiket tells her that he had a great time with Rosaleen.

Ashutosh Oak

November 1, 2019


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In the last episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, Appa asks Nachiket to pay for the next day’s breakfast. Nachiket says that he won’t be there as he is going out to meet a friend. Sai gets suspicious and asks Nachiket if he is going to meet Roseleen. He knows that Sai is interested to know who is Rosaleen so he confirms her guess. Sai calls Amol and informs him about Nachikeet going to meet Rosaleen.

Watch the latest episode of the show below:

In tonight’s episode, Amol calls Sai and tells her that Nachiket met Digamber and now he is following them. Just then, Sai’s mother comes there and asks Sai if she can use the mobile phone for a while. 

Appa gets annoyed when he sees Sai’s mother talking to her husband while cooking food. Meanwhile, Amol sees Nachiket getting down from the rickshaw. A few moments later, a girl comes near Nachiket and he goes with her on the scooty. Sai finally gets the mobile back and is about to call Amol when Nachiket comes home and tells her that he had a great day with Rosaleen. Sai gets jealous and calls Amol immediately. He tells her that Nachiket didn’t meet anyone except his friends Digamber and Ruchi.

Sai is wondering if Amol didn’t see Nachiket with anyone then why is he lying about having breakfast with Rosaleen. Sai’s mother tells her that Nachiket is telling them about an interesting person who does all his work in no time. The latter thinks that he is talking about Rosaleen but in reality, Nachiket is telling Sai’s parents about internet payment and how it is easy to pay electricity bill through it.

What do you think will happen next? Keep watching to find out!

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