All You Need To Know About Naagini 2, Starring Namratha Gowda, Which Goes On Air Today


February 17, 2020

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Naagini 2, directed by the prominent maker Ramji, is a story of vengeance that will premiere on February 17, 2020, in the primetime slot. The story is of a female serpent Shivani, in human form, who unites with her lover Aadhisesha, a male serpent. As the two unite, a number of men try to possess the naagamani. To do so, the men shoot Aadhisesha and he dies in the arms of Shivani. Namratha Gowda, who plays the role of Shivani, is enraged and sets out to avenge the death of her lover with the Shivalinga standing as a witness to her challenge.

Here’s a cute selfie of Namratha Gowda in her attire as Shivani.

Namratha Gowda as Shivani
Namratha Gowda as Shivani (Source: Instagram)

The story begins with two snakes. The two wish to reside near a particular tree and end up fighting for the same. As the two are crawling and spinning around each other, they come across a Shivalinga. Having come in contact with the lingam, the two snakes take the form of humans, after which life takes a turn for them when they fall in love with each other.

The show is also said to be a partial continuation of the first season. It will feature a total of 28 well-known faces including Mohan, who plays the negative lead, along with others like Jennifer, Pranav, Shwetha M.M etc. Ramji has also hinted that a team in Mumbai will be brought on board to handle certain aspects of the show.

Naagini 1 was directed by Hayavadana and starred Deepika Das and Deekshith Shetty. Having completed 1,000 episodes, the show had a huge following and was appreciated for its innovative plot. The story revolves around Amrutha, played by Deepika and her journey to avenge the death of her parents King Nagaraja, who are killed to secure the Naagamani (snake gem).

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