All About Horoscopes And How They May Make Or Break Marriages Like In Alo Chhaya!

Chhaya’s marriage date has been deferred because of an apparent fault in her stars. Read on to find out more!


July 28, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo ChhayaChhaya (played by Oindrila Bose) has been manipulated by Baban into marrying him within a moment’s notice or risk losing him forever. Of course, the evil Baban had his own hidden agenda of doing so, but just imagine the Sengupta family’s surprise when the two return home adorned with wedding garlands and sindoor! Baban’s family members are just as shocked as Chhaya’s. The protagonist Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) is especially horrified because she knows exactly what mischief Baban has been up to, and fears for her best friend’s safety. Alo hatches a plan with Tanushree, Chhaya’s aunt, and springs the news of an unfavourable horoscope in Chhaya’s fate so that they are forced to defer the date of the official wedding ceremony where the elders could participate.

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Of course, Chhaya is furious at this and accuses Tanushree of conspiring against her and demands to know who has put her up to it! Chhaya ridicules this absurd turn of events (as if it wasn’t bizarre enough for everybody else already!), and begs Tanushree to keep her nose of out her personal life. Now in this case, a faulty horoscope has just been staged by Alo to buy more time to keep Chhaya safe. But in India, horoscopes are often a crucial factor that determines if, when and who one should marry!

Alo Chhaya
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A common Hindu tradition among many families hinges on this concept of a kundali (horoscope), which is a star chart drawn up by an astrologer at the moment of someone’s birth. Whenever one is about to make a significant change in life or set out on a new venture, it is quite customary to consult one’s birth chart to deem whether the decision is wise or not! In marriage especially, comparing the two people’s kundalis are believed to yield greats insights into determining whether it is a suitable match or not, and what an auspicious date for the wedding would be if it were!

Alo Chhaya
Source: ZEE5

So how reliable is your horoscope and can you really avoid the worst and hope only for the best if you follow it? Well, in Chhaya’s case, the horoscope is more an excuse and less of an actual yardstick, but it does help Alo to protect her (if only for a while) from a husband who is a murderer and a full-blown criminal. Also, astrology is an ancient practice and a hotly debated topic today. A lot is subject to one’s interpretation of it, and whether you trust the word of whoever that reads yours. So feel free to consult it, but always remember to exercise your own common sense and knowledge along with it!

What do you think of horoscope and kundali matching for marriage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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