Akshaya Raghavan’s ‘Messy Hair, Don’t Care’ Look Is Likeworthy

Gangaa Actress Gauri’s confidence is rocket-high because she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Parinika Uchil

March 13, 2019

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A common problem for countless women is to wake up in the morning with messy hair. In simple words, despite wishing that your hair will be perfect when you wake up, there is a nest resting on your head. More importantly, no matter what you do, your tresses just won’t obey! Take a deep breath because many of you might be in the same boat. Akshaya Raghavan, who plays the negative role of Gauri in Gangaa, will motivate you to take things positively.

Sagar helps Gangaa in revealing Gauri’s true face in this episode:

While it may feel like she is having a bad hair day, Akshaya doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Instead, she confidently clicks a selfie and acknowledges her messy hair. It is imperative to maintain your self-confidence on such days because hey, after all, it is not your mistake, nature intended it that way. What you can do, however, is to keep your head held high and give everyone the feeling that your hair was styled this way purposefully. It’s all about the right attitude.

Akshaya Raghavan Posing For A Still
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For confident women like Namma Gauri, nervousness always takes a back seat. You could also find quick hairdos that can help you overcome the messy hair anxiety. Bad hair days are indicators to dig out your hair props from wardrobe. It could be a boho braid with a bandana, or just a bandana, or even a messy hair bun that helps your hair cope with the rest of the day. The bottom line is that even though bad hair days are a real thing, we can still be confident like Akshaya Raghavan and gracefully accept what is not in our control.

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