Aishwarya Arjun’s Best Scenes In Her Kannada Debut Prema Bahara Has A Mix Of Everything

Parinika Uchil

April 23, 2019


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Dealing With A Traffic Cop Is Madhu’s Right Hand Game

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Prema Baraha is an awesome movie that you can’t miss. Directed by Arjun Sarja, the movie stars Chandan Kumar and Aishwarya Arjun in lead roles, and Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu in supporting roles.

Reminding A Rich Businessman About His Responsibilities As A Son

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Madhu, a journalist, invites a rich businessman (played by Avinash) on her show on the pretext of interviewing him about his vast empire. What happens next is a harsh reality many of us often forget very easily. A brilliant scene by Aishwarya Arjun. 

Madhu Reads The Lines Of The Play Like A Pro

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After being finalised for the role of Juliet, opposite Sanjay, who would be playing the role of Romeo, Madhu reads her lines like she was born to play the character. The play is in English, and her diction is on-point. For more details, go watch the movie now!

At Kargil, Some Soldiers Get Caught In A Crossfire

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This is probably the instant when Sanjay starts liking his ‘arch nemesis’ Madhu. When he sees her tending to an injured soldier, his respect for Madhu immediately grows. Aishwarya’s compassionate acting towards the soldier is most definitely going to make you emotional as well.

Best Words To Comfort A To-Be Martyr

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A soldier from Karnataka, who acquaints himself to Madhu and Sanjay upon their arrival at Kargil, is caught in the cross-fire during the war. On his death-bed, when he starts recollecting his family, Madhu steps in and says some comforting words in the best way possible so as to ease the dying soldier’s stress. Thanks to her he dies in peace and with pride in his eyes. A must-watch scene this!

When Madhu Loses Sanjay For A Brief Time During The War

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While the cross-fire in going on in Kargil, a bomb explodes near Madhu and Sanjay, causing them to lose each other for some time. Madhu goes frantic upon not finding Sanjay anywhere around. When she does find him later, the relief on her face will make you praise Aishwarya Arjun as an actress!

Madhu Confesses Her Love To Sanjay In The Cutest And Funniest Way Possible

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As soon as Madhu realises her love for Sanjay, she finds him at the most beautiful place (watch the movie to know what I am talking about). Then she starts talking to God in the same speed she spoke to the traffic policeman. She ends at the ‘heart-mushing’ three words that makes Sanjay extremely emotional and ecstatic!

Prema Baraha is a cute love story with a patriotic angle and definitely something you can watch this weekend with your family.

If you liked Aishwarya’s acting in this film, give her huge shout-out in the space below because she is totally praise-worthy.

Watch her cousin Chiranjeevi Sarja’s film Rudratandava, streaming on ZEE5. 

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