Agga Bai Sasubai: What If Shubhra Were An Exact Replica Of Asawari?

From being a patient wife who handles all the whims of her husband, Shubhra would also never encourage Asawari to get married!

Ankita Tiwari

July 29, 2020


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Agga Bai Sasubai is becoming ever-so-dramatic with its escalations in the plot. The show is currently on the path where Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) is realising her mistakes. She has arrived at the point where she is accepting that her overprotective nature has turned Soham into the brat he is. Asawari has been helped by Abhijeet and Shubhra, who are constantly helping her to rectify her mistakes. But recently, in the most difficult of all their plans, Abhijeet made Shubhra pose as Asawari for a day! And we could not help but imagine how the situation would have been like had Shubhra been an exact replica of her mother-in-law instead of being an independent woman.

Watch the episode of Agga Bai Sasubai in which Shubhra posed as Asawari.

If Shubhra were like Asawari, then she would have never supported Asawari’s remarriage. She would not have been Asawari and Abhijeet’s Cupid. Because Shubhra is an educated and open-minded woman, she supported her mother-in-law’s marriage to Abhijeet. Other than that, Shubhra would not have married Soham at all! Because she is an independent woman, she had the guts to step forward and declare her relationship. She would never have convinced Asawari and Ajoba as she wouldn’t have been as confident as she is.

Agga Bai Sasubaiq
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Apart from that, had somehow Shubhra and Soham still married, Shubhra would have been extremely polite and patient. She would never have taught Soham any lesson or worked towards making him a better person. Shubhra would also have been extremely homely and Soham’s problems would have ended before beginning! Wow, aren’t you amazed? Hopefully, Shubhra’s Asawari stint was only for a 24-hour period and no longer!

Agga Bai Sasubai
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