Agga Bai Sasubai Promo: Soham To Hire A Servant To Do Menial Jobs For Him?

In the latest promo, we see Soham arrogantly announcing that he has appointed a servant for himself since he is making enough money now.

Kedar Koli

July 29, 2020


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Agga Bai Sasubai has garnered widespread appreciation owing to the progressive content presented on the show. The popular family drama featuring Girish Oak, Nivedita Saraf, Tejashri Pradhan, and Ashutosh Patki recently completed one year of its successful run on TV. The story is based on middle-aged couple Abhijeet and Asawari who are struggling to settle down in their newly married life. Soham has been the sole cause of all their troubles since he keeps disturbing their privacy. However, Shubhra has pledged to teach Soham a lesson for meddling with Abhijeet and Asawari’s life.

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However, Soham has now stooped down to a level of extreme humiliation. He turned himself into a beggar and went around asking for food from the neighbours. Soham did this to get revenge on Asawari who had refused to give him any money until he earns for himself. Asawari changed her mind as soon as she saw Soham living like a beggar. She couldn’t suppress her motherly instincts and forgave Soham immediately. Later, Soham was desperate enough to earn some quick money so that he could shut everyone up. Seeing his desperation, Nikhil tricked him into investing money in his makeshift business. Soham is delighted to earn some money through Nikhil’s scheme and arrogantly announces that he’s going to get rich soon. He then places a bet with Abhijeet and asks him to leave the house if Soham gets rich. Abhijeet agrees to leave as soon as Soham buys a car for himself.

Watch the latest promo of the show to find out what happens next.

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In the latest promo, we see that Shubhra is adamant over making Soham change into a responsible person. She announces a new rule in the house and asks Soham to do household chores all by himself. On the other hand, Soham isn’t ready to change and enters the house with a smirk. Soham reveals that he has appointed a servant for himself to all the odd jobs. Soham further says that since he has gotten rich now, he can afford to keep a servant, unlike Shubhra. Looks like Soham is back to the square one! Do you think he will ever change his demeanour? Post your thoughts in the comment section.

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