Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Ways Shubhra Can Teach Soham A Lesson For Disrespecting Asawari

Rukmini Chopra

August 17, 2019


1 min

1. Make Soham do all the house work for a day

Those who watch Agga Bai Sasubai regularly, must have gathered that Soham and Asawari don’t really share a loving equation. While she dotes on her son and treats him like a prince, he takes her kindness for granted. From repeatedly snapping at her to expecting her to do his every chore, Soham often crosses the line when it comes to his mother. Shubhra tries to intervene but is asked not to reprimand Soham, due to Asawari’s over protectiveness for her son.

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But does that mean that she should continue watching Soham ill treat his mother? Nope! We list ways in which Shubhra can teach her husband a lesson starting with making him do all the house work one day. Soham disregards the efforts that his mother puts into taking care of the house as well as him. He very conveniently yells at her when things go wrong but doesn’t appreciate all that she does for him.

So to teach him a lesson, maybe Shubhra can make Soham take care of the house once. That will certainly make him come to his senses right?

2. Give Soham a taste of his medicine

Soham tends to talk to Asawari in an irritable manner most of the time. Maybe Shubhra can start talking to him in the same way, to make him realise that his mannerisms can be hurtful. 

3. Act careless like him

Soham didn’t bother calling up and informing his mother that he’s safe, when heavy rains took over Mumbai. Asawari spent most of her time, worried sick about her son. But he stayed over at a friend’s place without as much as bothering to send a text to Asawari that he’s alright. So why should Shubhra act responsible? Next time that she steps out, she shouldn’t inform Soham either, to teach him a lesson.

4. Give deadlines to Soham

On many occasions Soham and Ajoba both have lost their cool on Asawari, for stepping out of the house and neglecting her “duties.” Just because Asawari is a homemaker, she is expected to step out and return at specific timings, to serve her son and father-in-law. And that is so unfair! How about Shubhra set some deadlines for Soham to adhere to? Then we’ll see how he manages the same. Right, ladies?

5. Make Soham pamper Asawari

And lastly, it would be super fun if the tables are turned and if Soham is made to take care of Asawari like she does for him. After all, she deserves all the pampering right? And what better way to make her son do it!

Which of these ideas do you think would work? Tell us in the comments section and feel free to add some more! Catch all the episodes of Agga Bai Sasubai, streaming for free on ZEE5. 

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