Agga Bai Sasubai 27 August 2020 Spoiler: Will Asawari Agree To Come Back Home?

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Kedar Koli

August 25, 2020


2 min


In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we saw Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) leaving the house after realising that Abhijeet (Girish Oak) is having an affair with someone. On the other hand, Abhijeet is shocked to find out that Asawari left the house because of a misunderstanding. He confesses to Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan) that he wants Asawari to come back. Shubhra reminds Abhijeet that Asawari has finally taken a stand for herself. Asawari is being driven towards change which is what both Shubhra and Abhijeet wanted all this while. However, Shubhra wants Asawari to pass another test and prove herself.

Watch the latest spoiler of the show here.

In the next episode, we will see Asawari’s neighbour asking Asawari if she has any proof about Mandira who Abhijeet is supposedly having an affair with. Shubhra tells her that they haven’t got any proof about Mandira’s existence. She says that Asawari never thought of gathering evidence to prove Abhijeet’s affair but instead just left the house. Shubhra then asks Asawari to come back home so that they could gather evidence against Abhijeet. Will Asawari agree to come back?

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