Agga Bai Sasubai 16 January 2020 Written Update: Asawari – Abhijeet’s Wedding Prep Begins

In tonight’s episode, shopping for Abhijeet-Asawari’s wedding begins. Read all the details inside!


January 16, 2020


2 min


In tonight’s episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we see that everyone is gathered at the Kulkarni house, to start the wedding preparations. They tease Abhijeet about the newly married life that is about to begin. He shies away and Asawari runs into the kitchen, blushing. Ajoba then goes on to tell everyone about this Guruji, who he has been invited to fix the date of his daughter-in-law’s marriage. As he describes the priest, he says that the religious man has been conducting all the functions in the Kulkarni family, for the past 60 years. The bell rings and Shubhra opens the door expecting an old, priestly looking man standing there. However, to her surprise, she finds a young man standing at her doorstep.

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Once inside, Ajoba gets the surprise of his life, when he sees the young priest walk into his house. He expresses his displeasure and discovers that his usual Guruji is no longer alive. Adding more hurt to his wounds, the priest starts to go gaga over Abhijeet and his famous dish titled, ‘Asawari’. Ajoba shuts him up and tells him to fix a date for their marriage. To this, the priest says that the next auspicious moment for marriage is in the next four days. Shubhra’s joy knows no bounds when she hears this and everyone starts preparing for the impending nuptials.

Soon everyone begins to shop for sarees for Asawari and Ajoba makes her buy as many sarees as she would like. Later, at the jewelry store, both Abhijeet and Ajoba try to indulge in Asawari’s wishes. On the other hand, Shubhra also buys something for herself, as Abhijeet tells her that she is about to become his daughter-in-law. All of them are extremely excited about the wedding. Stay tuned to catch more wedding merriment in Agga Bai Sasubai exclusively on ZEE5.

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