Agga Bai Sasubai 12 September 2020 Written Update: Shubhra To Catch Soham Red-Handed Forging Asawari’s Sign?

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Kedar Koli

September 11, 2020


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In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sasubai, we saw Pradnya manipulating Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) into believing that Abhijeet’s (Girish Oak) life is in danger. She pulls her mangalsutra off when she’s praying before God which makes Asawari anxious. She starts overthinking about how Abhijeet is unsafe and that she will become a widow again. Abhijeet returns home only to see a worried Asawari who’s about to break down. He consoles her by putting on the jewellery that he has purchased specially for Asawari. Will this make Asawari feel better and forget all her worries?

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In the next episode, we will see Soham (Ashutosh Patki) preparing to go to college along with his friend. His friend asks if Soham informed his family that he failed in the exams. Soham plans to keep it a secret and doesn’t intend to inform anyone about it. He decides to forge Asawari’s signature on his result. However, Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan) catches him red-handed just when he’s about to forge Asawari’s sign. She confronts Soham about the result and asks if Soham is ashamed of it even a bit. She then orders Soham to inform Abhijeet and Asawari about his result. Soham asks her to keep mum and says that he will do so once he comes back home in the evening.

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Later, Soham announces that he’s going to take all his friends to celebrate Rohan’s birthday at Abhi’s Kitchen. Soham reveals that he can get them through the restaurant only with a phone call. He then pretends to call Abhijeet and asks him to reserve a table for Soham. Soham’s friends look quite impressed and go gaga over Abhijeet when they reach the restaurant. After a while, Soham’s friends get to know that Soham was lying to them about how he owns the restaurant when in fact he doesn’t.

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