Aditya-Sai, Abhijeet-Asawari – How These Couples Inadvertently Practiced Social Distancing

Kedar Koli

June 17, 2020


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As we get ready to embrace Unlock 1.0, there are some restrictions that still need to be followed strictly. Apart from wearing masks, the act of social distancing should be practiced by one and all. Speaking of which, we just realised that some of our favourite Zee Marathi couples were way ahead in replicating this in their respective lives. These couples inadvertently practiced social distancing before it was even a thing. Let’s look at how Aditya-Sai from Maza Hoshil Na, Abhijeet-Asawari from Agga Bai Sasubai, and Rana-Anjali from Tuzhat Jeev Rangala did so without realising!

Watch an episode of Maza Hoshil Na here.

1. Sai and Aditya flirting over texts

We already know that Maza Hoshil Na’s Sai and Aditya are an unlikely couple who are quite opposite to each other in terms of their family backgrounds and personalities. Both Sai and Aditya’s families are so involved in their personal life making it difficult for them to take the relationship forward. The two somehow managed to work their way out of it by exchanging numbers. This allowed them to safely communicate without the fear of anyone noticing them in the act. The couple flirted with each other and it’s not just that, Aditya even taught Sai to brew a coffee all with the help of virtual text messages.

Sai-Aditya from Maza Hoshil Na
Source: ZEE5

2. Abhijeet pitching a tent near Asawari’s house to stay in touch with her

Before their marriage, Abhijeet tried out various methods to impress Asawari. He had once set up a tent below Asawari’s house just to stay in touch with her. Since he wasn’t allowed in the house, Abhijeet stayed in a tent for a few days for Asawari. He refused to leave the tent even though Ajoba wasn’t pleased to see him outside their house. Isn’t it wonderful to see the efforts Abhijeet took to be with Asawari? Because his struggles were finally acknowledged by Asawari who married him eventually.

A still from Agga Bai Sasubai
A still from Agga Bai Sasubai

3. Rana disguising himself to get a glimpse of Anjali from a distance

In the track of the recent episode of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala, we saw that Rana is on the run and is living life like a fugitive. He has been falsely accused by the police in a crime and is hence forced to stay away from his family including his beloved wife Anjali. Rana is unable to bear it any longer and decided to meet Anjali. He mastered the art of making disguises and entered his house to get a glimpse of his wife. Rana knew that since the police are around, he would have to maintain a distance from Anjali. If a book was written on their love story, we would like to call it ‘love in the times of social distancing’!

A Still From Tuzhat Jeev Rangala
Source: Zee5

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