Adhirindi Episode 9: Chandra Hides His Misery, Gully Boyz Open A Dhabba And More

Sneha Bale

February 15, 2020


2 min

Previously in Adhirindi, Chammak Chandra tired to keep his sanity intact, as he raised a compulsive eating child. Venu, on the other hand, was blessed with two many women. But his world keeps crumbling down when a beggar finds out his secret. Gully Boyz perform a skit that left us awestruck with the way they think of their material. RP had a relaxing day at home, as his son brought food from elsewhere. And, now it’s time for more.

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This week, Chammak Chandra and his challengers turn into the police force. Chandra leads the pack as the SI and breaks bones of the bad men. However, he loses his dignity when his junior finds out that the lion-like police office is a cat-like husband. Venu, on the other hand, is the film producer turned actors. He invested Rs. 100 crore rupees on himself in the film. But even after the film releases, his recognition is worse than that of the tea-vendor outside the cinema hall.

Adhirindi Episode 9 Stills
Adhirindi Episode 9 Stills

Gully Boyz decide to set up a new Dhaba in the city and are excited to host an array of new shows. He starts off by exclaiming that Salman Khan had visited his Dhaba, by running over it. When a customer asks if they have “tea”, he says they have an aunty for it. But hands over someone else’s tea, because it’s “Aann-tea”. Dhanraj is a film actor whose baldness comes out into the open. How he manages it is the skit.

Adhirindi Episode 9 Stills
Adhirindi Episode 9 Stills

Whose act are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below. Watch the full episode on February 9, 2020, on ZEE5, before TV. Watch the previous episodes here and do not forget to check out all the updates here.

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