Adhirindi Episode 10: Chandra Laughs In His Own Act, Comments On Being A Married Man

Sneha Bale

February 25, 2020


3 min

Previously in Adhirindi, Chammak Chandra and his challengers turn into the police force. Where the leading man lost his dignity and tried his best to act cool. Venu, on the other hand, is the film producer turned actors and invested Rs. 100 crore on himself. But we all know how such endeavours go down. Gully Boyz decide to set up a new Dhaba in the city and took over the stage with their witty yet mindless marketing skills.

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Now, it’s time for yet another weekend full of laughs and giggles. This time, Gullyz Boys start the show by setting up a wrestling ring on the stage. He brings in wrestlers who come with a soundtrack borrowed from the real WWE stars, but will they accept it? We’ll leave it for you decide.
Adhirindi Episode 10 Stills
Gully Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 10

Venu turns into “a doctor who planned to be an actor”. Clearly, the acting fanaticism hasn’t left his mind and heart. But imagine having to treat the film stars you’ve once wanted to work. That’s what happens to his comical doctor. Let’s see if he secures an autograph and the patient himself.

Adhirindi Episode 10 Stills
Venu Warriors in Adhirindi Episode 10

Chammak Chandra’s tales of a married man continue to show the other side of marriage. This time around, this man gathers some courage to talk negatively about his wife, but how will that turn out to be? Moreover, Chandra tries warning Navdeep about the well of misery that marriage is. We wonder if he ends up having any influence over the actor.

Adhirindi Episode 10 Stills
Chandra’s Challengers in Adhirindi Episode 10

Whose act are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below. Watch the full episode on February 23, 2020, on ZEE5, before TV. Watch the previous episodes here and do not forget to check out all the updates here.


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