Adhirindi Episode 1: Niharika Konidela And Raj Tarun Join Naga Babu For Fool-Proof Madness

To commence the journey of madness, Niharika Konidela joins her father, Nagendra Babu, along with Raj Tarun. More details inside

Sneha Bale

December 21, 2019


2 min


After a long time, unlimited comedy is set to make a comeback. And this time, it is a brand new show titled Adhirindi, which is led by Tollywood actor-producer, Nagendra Babu Konidela. The format of the show is simple and straight to the point – we have four leading Tollywood comedians, who will bring their own gangs and products of madness on the stage. The four leading men are Chammak Chandra, Venu, Dhanraj and Ram Prasad. Just with their names, we get an idea of what the show promises. Adding glamour to this set will be Sameera, as the host and dost

Watch the promo for episode 1 here:

This week, the show finally begins and the first episode is only a few hours away. While it is already special enough, making it better will be the princess of the Konidela family, actor-producer, Niharika Konidela. She joins her father, as the special guest and enjoys the laughter ride that lies ahead. Not only that, but actor Raj Tarun will also be making a special appearance in Ram Prasad’s comedy act. That’s two big stars for episode 1. We can only imagine what lies ahead and who comes next!

Ram Prasad Gang With Raj Tarun in Adirindi
Ram Prasad Gang With Raj Tarun in Adirindi

Chammak Chandra comes back with his folks and sets the studio audience rolling on the floor laughing. Venu seems to be trying his hand at a self-deprecating set of comedy with his hilarious boys. Dhanraj performs his skit, effortlessly, and also joins Venu as a special guest. Last but not least, Ram Prasad brings his out and out madness onto the stage with Raj Tarun’s cool and calm genre of comedy. 

Watch the four men in conversation with the Tower Star during the curtain-raiser of Adhirindi here. Stay tuned for the latest episode and don’t forget to check out Three Half Bottles on ZEE5, streaming now.

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