Add More Glamour To Your Saree Look With Some Inspiration From Maate Mantramu’s Nakshatra

Sneha Bale

September 17, 2019


1 min

Spinning around the good old pattucheera


Recently, we saw the uber-stylish Nakshatra of Maate Mantramu in a traditional avatar. She donned a blue-and-gold pattucheera and added her glamour to it. Whilst keeping the traditional saree intact, she spun around with everything else to make her look more modern and stylish. The next time you have to stick to a pattucheera, go ahead and try Nakshatra’s way to stand out.

Don’t go overboard with jewellery


From our brides to our mothers and to everyone in between, people seem to add all that they have to their pattucheera look. But hey! Take a look at Nakshatra. All she wears is an Indianised version of a Cuban Link Chain with another kanthahaaram – the typical Telugu way!

The glam studio


Finally, in the age of full-face coverages, you cannot possibly forget the most important part – the makeup. The actor playing Nakshatra, Tulasi Yerra has always opted a simple nude or dewy look. She experiments with her lipsticks but when it comes to the face, she prefers keeping it natural. That’s the trend that we are all set to follow. What about you?

The blouse


The internet is full of inspirations for a kickass blouse design. But sometimes, less is more. That’s what Nakshatra has done to her blouse here. Instead of opting for high-end fashionable designs, Nakshatra rocks a simple cap-sleeved blouse. If that’s too plain for you, feel free to add a line or two of laces, like Nakshatra, to your sleeves and neckline.

Less addition = prettier


When wearing a pattucheera, you might want to pay special attention to everything that you add on. Because they can make or break the look. Here, Nakshatra opts for medium-sized gold lolakulu (Jhumkaa). Finishing the addition off, Nakshatra uses only a couple of glass bangles and two Kadiyalu in both the hands. 

The final touch


As you get decked up and feel ready to slay the world, don’t forget the most important thing. The outer glam can only last for so long. But to make it worth a memory, let your inner shine out. Smile… and own the world.

Let us know what elements you prefer incorporating below. Stay tuned for more episodes and interesting stories on your favourite show. Check out the beautiful Samantha’s Ye Maaya Chesave on ZEE5.

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