Action And Drama Galore: 8 Scenes From Trinayani That Stand Out As Highlights


April 8, 2020


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1. Nayan's wedding special

The hit Bengali TV serial Trinayani follows the life and adventures of Nayan (played by Shruti Das), a woman who can see into the future with her special supernatural gift of sight. Despite having such a unique skill, Nayan’s life is far from easy as she struggles with several challenges and misfortunes. Here are eight scenes from the show that truly stand out among all the rest. Check them out here!

Nayan’s wedding is an epic celebration, even though her groom, Dripto, is initially reluctant to marry her. Watch this unusual affair play out here.

2. Durba humiliates Nayan

In this dramatic sequence from Episode 198, Durba insults Nayan in front of the whole family and insists she wipe off her vermilion, the mark of a wedded woman. She says that Nayan has no right to be Dripto’s wife, much to her embarrassment.

3. The Basu family disaster

In Episode 200 of the show, a disaster befalls the Basu family, right before it’s time for the ashirbad (blessing) ceremony. See what happens and how they manage to deal with it, here.

4. Dripto's demand

In Episode 202, Dripta asks Jasmine, the woman he was initially supposed to marry (played by Jasmine Roy), to thank Nayan for saving her life. Everyone at Dripta’s house agree with him on this, and wants too see his wish fulfilled.

5. Nayan's encounter with Jasmine

In Episode 203 of Trinayani, Durba tries to mislead and deceive Dripta. However, Nayan admits to knowing the truth right in front of Jasmine– she knows exactly how Sudha was murdered. This one is a highly charged sequence indeed.

6. Durba's decision

Episode 204 shows us a heated argument in the family, when Durba states her decision to Tapabrata regarding Nayan. Tapabrata, in turn, fails to maintain his silence on the topic and blurts out exactly what is on his mind. See who wins this war of words in this sequence.

7. Doubtful Dripto

In Episode 208, Nayan asks Jeet to take her away from Tarun’s place. Dripta sees Nayan leaving, and feels suspicious about her reasons to do so, and cannot stop dwelling on it. Will he discover the true motive behind her move?

8. Dripto rescues Nayan

In what is probably one of the most heroic scenes from the serial, Dripto saves Nayan from serious injury when chaos breaks out in the streets and she gets hit by an object someone hurls in her direction. Fires are burning on either side of her, and she loses her consciousness and starts falling down. Dripto sees this happening from afar and immediately runs before she can fall. You definitely do not want to miss this segment where Dripto returns the good deed of saving a life to Nayan!

Which of these scenes from did you enjoy the most? Feel free to voice your thoughts in the comment section below.

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