Abhi-Soundarya Or Deva-Parvathi: Which Muddha Mandaram Couple Is Your Favourite?

Sneha Bale

April 3, 2020


1 min


Everyone is locked inside their houses and we thought of binge-watching the most popular show on Zee Telugu, Muddha Mandaram. The Ghattammaneni family has seen the end to their five-year-long chapter and has left has satisfied. Yet we cannot forget them. First, Deva and Parvathi bowled us over with their unconditional love. Later, their reincarnates, Abhi and Soundarya got us rolling on the floor with their quirky personalities. Today, let’s settle the debate and cast vote for your favourite couple.

Towards the end of Deva and Parvathi’s life, they managed to perform together for everyone. Similarly, Abhi and Soundarya danced for us in the last episode. Let us know which performance stole your heart!

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Hands down! We love the classy and chic Deva and Parvathi’s super romantic love story. But we know many people enjoy Abhi and Soundarya modern, fun and romantic relationship. What about you?
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Neither Deva nor Abhi let their lady loves be happy and peaceful. They always had a prank to play or a way to get their women feel under pressure. It was all fun and games. But who did it better?
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Where there is love, there will be fights. And given the circumstances that our two couples grew up in, fights were inevitable. First, there was Neelambari and then, there was Bhavani. If the two weren’t enough, there were several other people who couldn’t see them happy. But there was some charm in their fights too.

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Finally, after every fight persuading is as inevitable as fights. Because we know love will always win, we kept waiting for the couples to find new and interesting ways to make up after fights. Not only that, given the situations, the couples also had several ways and reasons to persuade each other.
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Let’s decide who is more popular. Cast your vote and watch all the episodes of Muddha MandaramGet Live Updates on Coronavirus Outbreak on ZEE5 News.

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