Abhi-Pragya’s Love Story In Kumkum Bhagya Is Similar To This Couple’s Story

Pragya and Abhi’s nok-jhok, separation and rekindled love is similar to Vikram and Nithya’s story in Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala. Find out how.

Ankita Tiwari

May 8, 2020


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Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya are ZEE Tv’s favorite couple. Abhi and Pragya’s journey begins with a misunderstanding and Abhi marries Pragya on the pretext of saving his sister from losing her love. But Abhi and Pragya slowly fall in love with each other. Pragya’s calm and composed life complements Abhi’s messed up one. Pragya helps him get his act together, but their love is not meant to be. Abhi and Pragya go through a tough separation and meet each other after years. But after a phase of happiness, tragedy separates them again.

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Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala’s Nithya and Vikram share a similar story. The couple becomes best friends, fall in love but is separated due to a misunderstanding. Nithya shoves Vikram out of her life, while Vikram goes on to become a 5 star Michelin chef! Nithya and Vikram meet each other after a long break and both can feel the spark that existed between them.


Divyanka to romance Rajeev in Coldd Lassi aur Chicken Masala
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Abhi and Pragya’s journey is much like Nithya and Vikram’s love story. Both the couples have a deep attachment and love but the misunderstandings, and ego clashes have been responsible for drifting them apart. Nithya refuses to believe Vikram’s statement and feels that he has indulged in infidelity and hurt her. Similarly, Abhi and Pragya’s marriage has suffered due to their first-born Kiara’s death.

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

Vikram and Nithya feel the chemistry between them and Vikram decides to correct it with Nithya and they resolve their issues. But Abhi and Pragya end up on a sour note and fight over Kiara’s loss. They go their separate ways and separate their twin daughters. They now have a chance to rekindle their love for each other, as their daughters are bringing them closer. Will the hatred wash away?

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