Aarthi Or Sarika: Who Will End Up Becoming Mrs Vikranth Vashishta On Gattimela? Vote Now

Parinika Uchil

July 19, 2019

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Zee Kannada’s Gattimela has gained more fans in such a little time as compared to any other show and we couldn’t be more proud. Starring in the lead cast is Nisha Ravikrishnan as Amulya Manjunath, Rakshit as Vedanth Vashishta, Ashwini as Aarthi, Abhishek Das as Vikranth Vashishta and Rashmitha Changappa as Sarika. Our interesting topic to discuss today is the most evident love-triangle on the show; Sarika loves Vicky who loves Aarthi.

While it is established that Aarthi and Vicky, despite their age difference are head over heels for each other, Sarika on the other hand, being the antagonist, has gone to devious levels to ensure that Vicky will come to her eventually. For this, she has surprisingly partnered with Aarthi’s ‘fiance’ Gautham, who is evil incarnate himself. So today let’s look in detail about who is better suited for Vicky, Sarika or Aarthi?

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Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences..?

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Aarthi Manjunath: There is no doubt that Vicky cannot take his eyes off her and rightfully so. Aarthi is a shy natured, homely woman who never goes against her parents. While she is open to learning new things, the homely nature is what most men look for an in a woman. Someone who can help take care of the house and take care of his parents. So even though Suhasini may object for a while, there is no doubt that once Aarthi comes into the Vashishta household, she’ll make it a heaven. Plus, being the oldest, her patience and maturity shine brightly every time she is onscreen so when she plans for a family, many motherly instincts will already be in place!

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Gattimela ♥️

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Sarika Ashwath: Now this character may be tricky. Obsession for anything is wrong on various levels so that is probably a big red signal for a man looking for a life partner. Also, while her determination levels are soaring high, her knack for getting what she wants by any means necessary negates the quality of determination, which is ideally a good habit. So, having a life partner like Sarika should be considered precarious. As in the case of Vicky, the qualities he looks for in his partner are oriented more towards Aarthi. And because Sarika knows this, she knows no limits in destroying the Manjunaths. All you need to remember is this, no good has even been achieved by force.

Time for you to vote for the best candidate for Vicky, in the space given below.

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