A Lot Of Fans Will Relate To Isai From D7, Here’s Why

June 26, 2019


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The ZEE5 series D7 is all about the youth of the nation, their needs and their mindset. But then what comes as the voice of the youth is not without restrictions. As we see in the series there are characters who struggle with their general sense of freedom and their obligations towards their family. There are people like Isai in the series who, at times, try to strangle their dream because of the family pressure.

Watch Isai as she struggles to break free of the shackles that her family has bound her with.

The character of Isai is such that she seems to live a dual life. One where she, like the others of her age, is a carefree girl with all the basic desires and the other where she has to restrict herself from even something remotely common as talking to a boy she knows. This is some struggle that we see in the character of Isai throughout the series.

Isai from D7
A still from D7 streaming on ZEE5.

The problem with Isai begins the moment Sachin walks into her life. It is not that she does not love him but her expressions are restricted and she faces a lot of issues when it comes to admitting her love for him. Thus, when her brother catches her while she is hanging out with Sachin, she tries to bluntly lie about him and she says that she does not know him. Sachin is shocked to see this sudden transformation and he feels betrayed.

It is this incident that makes Sachin determined to get back at her and he makes the clause for a live-in relationship. As he wants her to get out the cocoon that she has woven around her. But the struggle that she has to face in order to abide by these clauses is great and you could see how much she has to undergo to make this transition happen. In fact, you could also say that it is her inhibitions that also lead to tragedy in the story.

So, what do you think about the character of Isai? Share your thoughts in the section below.

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