9 Times Birthday Boy Karan Johar Made Headlines As A Witty And Wacky Talk Show Guest

Kenneth Carneiro

May 25, 2019


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1. Dislike For Anurag Kashyap's Intellectual Films (Look Who's Talking!)

Karan Johar turns 47 today and he is bringing in his special day in New York with his pal Manish Malhotra. He is an acclaimed director, a talk show host and he even hosts his own radio show. However, one of his lesser talents is facing questions on other chat shows. Karan Johar is always articulate in his answer to every question, whether he is defending his lifestyle or saying something scandalous. Here are a few interview responses that only furthered this reputation.

On Look Who’s Talking Karan Johar chats with his good friend Niranjan Iyer. During the interview, he expresses how Ram Gopal Verma and Anurag Kashyap hate his style of movies and he hates theirs. He later went to not only become good friends with Anurag Kashyap but also star in his movie ‘Bombay Velvet.’ Watch the interview here.

2. Afraid To Make A Point (The Directors Round Table)

The Bollywood Roundtable is a yearly interview where the stars from the biggest movies of the year come together and discuss the making of the movie. In the 2016 version of this series, Karan Johar discusses the problems he faced in releasing Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Karan mentions how the incident with having Fawad Khan in his film made him afraid to put forth any strong opinions in his films.

3. On His 'K' Fixation (Starry Nights 2.oh)

In Starry Night’s 2.oh, Karan sits down to have a chat with Komal Natha. When Komal asks him about the ‘K’ superstition with his movies. Karan mentions how it all began with a pandit who told him that ‘K’ is a letter that will always bring him luck. However Karan dropped the susperstion once his films Kaal and Kurbaan failed at the box-office. Watch this interesting discussion here.

4. Tiff With Kangana (Starry Nights 2.oh)

One of Karan Johar’s most publicized tiffs with someone within the industry has been with Kangana Ranaut. There has been a lot of back and forth between them. She has accused him of being the flag-bearer of nepotism. He even accepted it but later denied and stopped talking about it altogether. On Starry Nights 2.oh, Karan admitted that he would love to direct Kangana if he had the chance to because she is one of the most talented actresses. Watch the quickie segment of this interview here.

5. Strained Relations With Kajol (Starry Nights)

Kajol and Karan Johar were once best friends who later became foes for a while. In the first season of Starry Nights, Karan Johar talks about bringing his friendship to a close with Kajol saying he preferred to forget her. Later on the two of them buried their differences and Kajol appeared on his talk show with hubby Ajay Devgn. Watch Karan’s interview with Komal Natha here.

6. Aditya Chopra (Starry Nights)

Karan Johar talks about Adi Chopra his mentor in Bollywood on Starry Nights with Komal Natha. He says that Aditya Chopra is very private and wishes Karan was also more private with his life. He shares details like, Aditya Chopra still calls him up to this day to tell him to tone it down. Aditya Chopra also is tired of seeing Karan Johar’s face on posters apparently. Watch this funny revelation here.

7. Shopping After Sex (NoFilter Neha)

Neha Dhupia’s popular podcast, NoFilter Neha, catches celebrities at their most candid. Karan Johar was the guest in a fun-filled episode on this podcast. He mentions that he is teaching his children the ABCD of fashion where A is Armani and B for Balenciaga. He also mentions that after having sex he feels the need to buy new clothes immediately.

8. Talking About His Sexuality (Pinch)

Karan Johar’s sexuality has always been a part of conjecture. On a recent episode of Arbaaz Khan’s talk show called ‘Pinch’, Karan is asked by a troll on social media if he has a ‘gender malfunction’. Karan shut down the troll gloriously by more or less saying he won’t bow down to gender norms. He also defended homosexuality and gave a definition of what he considers offensive. Watch Karan Johar in top form in this interview here.

9. On Being Protective About His Kids (Pinch)

In Karan Johar’s interesting chat with Arbaaz Khan, Karan Johar also discusses fatherhood. He says how wonderful a decision it was to co-parent his children with his mother. he also mentions how what his trolls say on social media doesn’t bother him much. He does feel the pinch when they go after his children. Watch him be the protective father in his appearance on Pinch below.

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