9 Pictures That Show That The Cast And Crew Of Badlapur Had A Blast While Shooting!

Rukmini Chopra

May 30, 2019


1 min

1. Co-stars Varun and Nawazuddin Siddiqui snapped during a conversation

Throughout the film, we see Varun and Nawazuddin spew venomous words at one another, every chance they get. It’s nice to see them smiling here, isn’t it?

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2. Huma Qureshi and Varun pulling each other’s leg on set

At times, actors become great friends on set and Varun and Huma are #frienshipgoals in this picture!

3. Varun engaging in some light banter on set as Yami Gautam stares on

How cute is this picture right? Varun and Yami got along like a house on fire, on the sets of Badlapur.

4. Producer Dinesh Vijan yanks Varun’s chain

This is the funniest clip from Badlapur’s making video where Dinesh points to Varun’s arm and reveals that the actor did this to himself to feel “pain” since he has lived a very protected life and doesn’t really know what pain is. Lol!

5. Director Sriram Raghav snapped getting a haircut on set

Dinesh is in his element again while ragging Sriram, as the latter gets a haircut on set. Dinesh quips, “The director is working very hard and doesn’t get time to cut his hair. As a producer, this is the least I can do. Don’t I support you well?”

6. Varun shares a laugh with the film’s editor

This picture is proof that Varun gets along with everyone on a film set, including the editor. How cool is that!

7.Varun, Divya Dutta and Sriram engage in a game of scrabble on set

What other way fun way is there to blow off some steam, right?

Which is your favorite moment amongst these? Tell us in the comments section below!

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