We Bet You Did Not Know These Facts About Sarayu From Ninne Pelladatha

Sneha Bale

July 24, 2019


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Sarayu is Half Bengali and Half Telugu


The antagonist in the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha is Sarayu. She is bold, sassy and cynical. By hook or crook, Saraya will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. But her name is Sarayu Roy, born to a Bengali father and a Telugu mother and was raised in Delhi. Her father owns a business and her mother is a government employee. Sarayu also has an elder sister who works as a school teacher.


Sarayu Was Inspired By Two South-Indian Actresses


Acting was never on Sarayu’s mind. But she often found herself lost in the performances of South Indian superstar actresses, Ramya Krishnan and the late Soundarya.

She First Acted In A Short Film


It was all by chance when Sarayu was offered a short film. And on the sets, she realised that now there was no going back or no more switching paths.

Sarayu Was Unsure About Ninne Pelladatha


After her little stint with the short film, Sarayu signed on the dotted line for Ninne Pelladatha. One of the reasons that we didn’t see her early in the show is because she wasn’t entirely sure about leading the life of an actor in a TV show. Long hours of work and long-term commitment to the show was something that held her back. But the director managed to convince her.

Sarayu Is Not Like Her On-Screen Character


We know Sarayu as the evil person in Ninne Pelladatha. But in reality, Sarayu cannot even manage to shout at a person. In fact, one of the qualities that she dislikes about herself is feeling pity for people.

Sarayu Has Three College Degrees


Sarayu isn’t a person who loves studying. Yet she holds three degrees, one in Biotechnology, another in English Literature and the third in Fashion. She is someone who moves on to the next thing until she finds what she wants.

She Would Rather Live In The Moment Than On Social Media


Undoubtedly, Sarayu isn’t as active on social media as her co-actors. That is because Sarayu believes in making the most of the moment and living it rather than constantly updating her social media.

Sarayu Loves Eating And…


What comes as a surprise is, contradictory to popular belief, Sarayu is a great cook. Not only can she feed herself when hungry, but she can also throw a full-fledged meal for people. She can cook North Indian, Telugu and Bengali dishes.

The Men In Sarayu’s Life


Even her Instagram Bio has the word – Single Soul. This singleton has a crush on Ram Charan Teja and would love to date him.

Are you as surprised as us? We bet you are! Now, let’s go back to Ninne Pelladatha and watch Sarayu in a new light on ZEE5.

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