8 Thottakkal: A Suspense Thriller Or An Emotional Journey Of Sathya?

Throughout the story, the character of Sathya fails at stepping out of the trauma caused by the childhood incident.

September 19, 2019


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There have been many thrillers that have come up in the recent past. But most of them have either focused on the plot structures or the central theme of the movie. Very few movies have touched the intimate details of important characters. This where the movie 8 Thottakal deviates from the rest, in 8 Thottakkal (8 Bullets) that is streaming on ZEE5, the central character of Sathya essayed by Vetri, is a conflicted one and there is an in-depth depiction of this conflict throughout the movie.

Watch the conflicts that Sathya faces in the movie 8 Thottakkal.

Although, this is termed as a crime thriller and has all the necessary elements, the main focus is on the behavioural patterns and conflicts of the main character Sathya. The focus on the character is such that even the main villain of the movie, Krishnamoorthy, a part played M.S. Bhaskar, is to a great extent just like Sathya. His problems, his conflicts and people who have abused his trust, they all have a similar pattern with Sathya’s life.

A young Satya framed for murder
A still from 8 Thottakal

Apart from this, even if you were focusing on the narrative of the story, you would notice that there is a consistent reference to the incident that happened with Sathya when he was a young kid. This also leads us to the fact that Sathya as a character has not yet been able to step out of the trauma caused by the childhood incident.

Sathya and Krishnamurthy meet
A still from 8 Thottakal

In fact, all his actions and events that follow point towards this trauma. As you would see, Sathya is better at being an emotional and empathetic human being rather than being an efficient police officer. All his moves as a police officer are impulsive and emotional causing him a lot of pain throughout the course of the story.

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