8 Scenes in Ram Pothineni-Starrer iSmart Shankar That Showcase A Gamut Of Emotions

Sneha Bale

October 11, 2019


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The surrender


Puri Jagannadh’s latest outing, iSmart Shankar is a fun-filled film which has a little bit of everything to keep you hooked until the very end. Energetic actor Ram Pothineni, as Ustaad iSmart Shankar, is a blessing. He makes everything look so natural and perfect that we’re still hungover the movie. That’s why we revisit the masala entertainer and bring to you some of the best scenes featuring RaPo.

Watch the film here:

Let’s start at the top. A few minutes into the film, Shankar escapes from prison only to find himself chasing and fighting with the cops again. After being beaten up, he stands in front of them and raises his hand to surrender. But does he really surrender? Take a guess, it shouldn’t be difficult.


The betrayal


Soon after getting out of jail, Shankar does what he has been waiting for all along. Find the people who put him behind bars. And so, he starts by visiting his Kaka, the man who raised Shankar – his only family. But who knew, betrayal was closer home than outside! We could feel actually feel his pain through the screen.

The eternal loss


It was as hard for us to believe as it was for Shankar to fall in love. But it’s a small world and romance is the only hope. Shankar too falls in love, the eternal type. But all good things come to an end and his love story ended before it could even begin properly. The massy murderer sits in an abandoned room, looking at a picture while tears roll down his cheeks. This makes you sympathise with him. (Try not crying along.)

The confusion


One random day, Shankar opens his eyes and feels heavy-headed. He finds a girl and asks why he was in a hospital. “It’s a lab,” she clarifies. Shankar looks around and asks about her and how he reached there. She tells him, “I’m a Neurogenetic scientist and we have performed memory transfer.” Shankar looks lost, takes a step back, raises his hands in defence and asks, “You have stolen my kidneys, right? Give them back to me!” L.O.L much?

The ‘double sim card’


It takes some effort and time, but Shankar understands that nothing has been stolen from his body but more memories have been added to his Hippocampus. How does he understand this? Well, his friend explains, “Anna, they have put another sim card in your dippu (brain)” Oh, poor Shankar!

Double iSmart Shankar


Soon after understanding his new reality, Shankar heads out and meets his enemies. They try to beat him up while he shows them who the real boss is. In the midst of this, Shankar keeps receiving new signals and takes a pause. When the opponents are surprised to see him act weird, he re-introduces himself as “Main ek, andar aur ek. Double iSmart!” Talk about having the right attitude.

The new Shankar


The new Shankar consists of Shankar’s body and CBI officer Aroon’s memory. They two work harmoniously to bring out the culprit. And man, it’s a sketch but a kickass one. This scene leads to the climax and promises some edge-of-the-seat drama.

PS: For your eyes only!


Throughout the film, Shankar makes us laugh and cry, root for him and double-guess his ideas. He wears over-the-top printed shirts and is a complete rowdy. But in the climax, he flaunts his chiselled body and how! Yes, in a typical filmy fashion, Shankar tears off his ganji in rage. And that’s what we’re talking about. All those Instagram videos and pictures of RaPo working out, come real on screen. It’s a visual treat. No kidding!

Watch this handsome hunk, in his chocolate-boy avatar in Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi on ZEE5.

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