8 Romantic Videos Of Aarthi Manjunath That Will Make You Wish You Were Vikranth Vashishta

Parinika Uchil

May 3, 2019

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As a fan, you must know that although Aarthi and Vicky’s life on Gattimela is dull right now, things will only get better for them. In real life too, Ashwini (Aarthi) and Abhishek Das (Vikranth) have become good friends and that is an awww moment for me! Coming to the lead protagonists of the show, Amulya and Vedanth, I don’t think their incessant but adorable quarrelling will ever the stop, yen tamashe na! Having said that, it seems to us that the leads will first ensure their siblings are happy before their romance comes into the picture. Till then we have no other choice to keep enjoying romantic moments between Aarthi and Vicky.

We recently stalked Ashwini’s social media and found some gem video clips that are so romantic that they will make you wish you were her onscreen beau Vikranth. Scroll down for proof.

1. Gaaliyo Gaaliyo – Shanthi Kranthi 

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2. Yajamana – Simhadriya Simha

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3. Naa Cheli Rojave – Roja (Telugu)

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4. Teri Meri (Female) – Bodyguard (Hindi)

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5. Nee Nanna Olavu – Chamak

6. Inkem Inkem – Geetha Govindam (Telugu)

7. Eradu Jadeyannu – Jackie

8. Dasara Bombe – Putnanja

Now I am sure you must have found all the videos of Ashwini romantic, but for every man, there is one song or one look that steals the heart. So go on tell us in the space below about which clip of this Gattimela actress made you fall in love, again!

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