8 Moments From Abhijeet-Asawari’s Love Story To Revisit Before The Show Resumes

Kedar Koli

July 12, 2020


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1. Abhijeet-Asawari Share Flirty Moments In The Rain

Agga Bai Sasubai is a family drama revolving around the life of Abhijeet and Asawari. After the initial hiccups in the relationship, the couple got married recently. The adorable pair has had some memorable moments together and we just can’t get over any of them. We missed watching the striking chemistry of this couple in the past three months when the show had halted due to the lockdown. However, the waiting part has ended as Zee Marathi has announced that the new episodes of Agga Bai Sasubai will go on air starting from July 13. So let’s revisit the eight best moments from Abhijeet and Asawari’s love story before we start rewatching the show.

Catch a glimpse of their striking chemistry in an episode of Agga Bai Sasubai here.

In the initial stages of their relationship, Asawari felt a bit awkward around Abhijeet. However, the latter made her feel comfortable at every stage. On one such occasion, the duo was spending time together when the rain started pouring down. They rushed down a tea stall to seek shelter from the rain. A romantic song was playing in the background and Abhijeet knew that this was his golden chance. He offered Asawari some tea to comfort her in the rain. Abhijeet and Asawari then exchanged flirty glances at each other while showers pattered down the street.

2. Asawari Cries Tears Of Joy

Abhijeet likes to shower gifts on Asawari and has surprised her countless occasions. He had once gifted a new saree after stitching the fall to it himself. Abhijeet had stayed up all night just so that he could get the stitching done and surprise Asawari. The latter was delighted to find out that her saree was fixed overnight. She cried tears of joy when she realised that Abhijeet had cut himself in the process. How pure their love is!

3. Abhijeet Puts An Anklet On Asawari's Feet

Abhijeet has moved in with Asawari at her house. Soham spread rumours about him being the house-husband of Asawari, to get rid of him. The fact that Abhijeet was being humiliated irked Asawari. She got angry with Abhijeet for taking it casually. That’s when Abhijeet decided to overturn her mood and presented her with an anklet. This beautiful gesture of his made Asawari forget all her anger!

4. Asawari Cooks A Special Dish For Abhijeet

It’s not just Abhijeet but Asawari, too, who likes giving surprises. She had once cooked Abhijeet’s favourite dish without letting him know about it. Asawari took efforts to prepare a full course meal and asked Abhijeet to come over at her place to taste it. Abhijeet thought that this would be like any other gift but was pleasantly surprised to see his favourite dish served right before him.

5. Abhijeet Invites Asawari To His Restaurant For Lunch

Abhijeet was clearly in love with Asawari since the very beginning and had come to terms with his feelings. He made desperate attempts just so that he could get to spend some time in the company of Asawari. Since Abhijeet wasn’t welcome at her home, he invited Asawari over for lunch at his restaurant. She somehow managed to pay a visit to his restaurant, much to Abhijeet’s delight.

6. Abhijeet's Love Letter Falls Into The Wrong Hands

Abhijeet decided to confess his feelings for Asawari by writing her a letter. He slyly passed it to her while they were having coffee at his restaurant. Asawari thought that Abhijeet had presented her with the bill for the coffee and agreed to pay him back. Abhijeet’s assistant Maddy noticed Asawari saying this and snatched the piece of paper from her. Abhijeet was disappointed to see his love letter falling into wrong hands. You just can’t miss this hilarious moment between Abhijeet and Asawari.

7. Abhijeet Learns A New Recipe From Asawari

Ajoba was misguided by Soham into thinking that Abhijeet wasn’t suited for Asawari. He wouldn’t even allow Abhijeet to come home to meet Asawari. Despite being unwelcome, Abhijeet was adamant upon learning a new recipe from Asawari. He decided to trick Asawari into teaching him the recipe. Abhijeet arranged for a cooking competition at Pradnya’s place and called everyone including Asawari. Since Pradnya was unable to cook anything, Asawari stepped in to help her. Thus, Abhijeet was successful in his plan.

8. Asawari Prepares A Sweet Dish For Abhijeet

Asawari had once specially prepared Abhijeet’s favourite sweet dish, Naralachi Wadi, and brought it for him. Abhijeet was in the middle of having his lunch but couldn’t stop himself from munching on Asawari’s dish. Abhijeet was glad that someone like Asawari went the extra mile to cook this especially for him and acknowledged her efforts.

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