8 Correct Ways For You To Detox Your Body After The Happening ‘Sweet’ Diwali Celebrations

Sneha Bale

October 31, 2019


1 min

1. Start sleeping

The Diwali razzmatazz is finally over! And until next time, we’re on all on our own with our routines. No more delicious sweets, no more grand-ensembles. More importantly, no more Diwali long weekend. But hey, you prepared to slide into your favourite dress like butter and all Diwali food might have added some grams or kilograms. Starving and going extreme is a big no-no! Here’s how you should embrace those extra few kgs and slide your way into a healthier life and fitter body.

Now that the parties are over, let’s get our clock ticking on time. Doctors suggest you hit the bed by 10.30 or 11 pm. This will help you slip into the REM sleep on time, which is 1 am. And in 8 hours, you’re good to take on the world.

2. A little exercise

This might sound like the most terrifying task for most. But hey! we’re not asking you to go out and do dead-lifts. All we suggest is 15 min walk and jogging very day. Eventually, as you begin to enjoy it, you can increase your time.

3. (Detox) Water

The number of apps that remind you to have your glass of water is innumerable. But if it’s still a task for you, here’s a simple, colourful, interesting and tasty way to approach water – infused water or detox water. PS: every fruit that you add to your water serves a special purpose. Be sure to do your research.

4. More fruits

Let’s talk about snacking! Try carrying fresh fruits along with you everywhere and when at rest or at work, keep a bowl in front of your eyes with some fresh fruits. Keep snacking on these natural beauties every time you get those hunger pangs.

5. No more (processed) sugar

Avoiding sugar is a great start to start achieving a healthier life. If you have a sweet tooth, fret not! Avoid sugar, not sweet. From honey to maple syrup to coconut sugar and more, explore your natural sweeteners.

6. Eat light

One of the things that we are used to is eating until we can’t move. But honestly, that’s not what we call a filling meal. Try eating lighter. And lighter here means just enough to fill your stomach until the next meal. Not overload!

7. Occasional dates with street food

Saying no to street food almost feels like an emotional detachment. And we all know that it’s nearly impossible to stay away from it when it’s calling out to you every evening. Here’s how you can tackle it. Treat yourself to occasional romantic dates with street food because you need that explosion of flavours every once in a while.

8. Bye bye packets

Just like sugar, here’s another enemy that stops you from a healthy life by luring you towards its temptation. But remember, my friend, tempatations don’t last long. But a healthy life goes a long, long way.

So get out and get started! This new year, be the new you! For some entertainment, watch Gods Of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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