8 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The Emraan Hashmi Starrer Why Cheat India

Kenneth Carneiro

May 4, 2019


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Why Cheat India is Based On True Events


The movie, Why Cheat India,takes an honest look at the cheating mafia centered around entrance exams in India. This movie is inspired by real-life events and stars Emraan Hashmi in the role of a scamster. These pictures give us an insight about what went into making a movie with such an important topic at it’s core.

Emraan Hashmi keeps up his trend of playing characters inspired by real-life people in Why Cheat India. He plays the role of Rakesh Singh the main scamster and the leader of the mafia.

Emraan Hashmi’s Plays A Grey Character In Why Cheat India


Emraan Hashmi plays the character of a smooth talker who knows what he wants. He is convinced that he is doing nothing wrong by cheating multiple deserving students of an engineering seat.

Emraan Hashmi’s Runs An Entrance Exam Scam In Why Cheat India


Rakesh Singh, AKA Emraan Hashmi, pays poor but smart kids to write engineering and banking entrance exams. He charges money from the rich kids who will probably fail without his help.

Emraan Hashmi Debuts As A Producer With Why Cheat India


Why Cheat India is also Emraan Hashmi’s first film as a producer. He wanted to play a bigger role in making this film from the scripting to the editing.

Why Cheat India Is Shreya Dhanwantry’s Bollywood Debut


Shreya Dhanwantry makes an impressive Bollywood debut with Why Cheat India. She had already established herself in the Tamil film industry and has worked in several webseries.

Shreya Dhanwantry’s Character Becomes Part Of Emraan Hashmi’s Scheme


Shreya Dhanwantry plays the role of ‘Nupur’ whose brother gets paid for writing exams by Emraan Hashmi’s character. They are both duped by Emraan Hashmi’s scam.

Shreya Dhawantry Plays Emraan Hashmi’s Girlfriend In Why Cheat India


Shreya’s character arc sees her become Emraan Hashmi’s love interest as the movie progresses. She said that they bonded well off the sets which helped their chemistry on the screen.

Guru Randhawa Joins The Soundtrack For Why Cheat India


Guru Randhawa too entered the fray with Why Cheat India. He made the widely popular song ‘Daaru Wargi’ which was used in this film. The video for this song, stars Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwantry too.

Emraan Hashmi aces this role of a practical and amoral frudster in Why Cheat India. Watch him play a character with a conscience in Tigers, streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

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