What To Do If Your Parents Don’t Like Your Boyfriend? Here Are 7 Tips To Convince Them

Ashutosh Oak

November 30, 2019


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#1 Kate and Kamlesh Ka Jhagda In Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

The popular comedy show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is a perfect family entertainer. The show highlights the family life of the character of Happu Singh who was known as a corrupt police officer in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. Kate, who is the eldest child in Happu’s family shares a great bond with Kamlesh. But recently we saw that her mother Rajesh made a plan to break this friendship so that Kate could concentrate on her studies.

Watch this interesting episode below:

While watching this episode, were you able to relate to this situation where you have to convince your parents to accept your partner? If yes, then today we bring you 7 tips that will help you to convince your parents.

#2 Parents Want You To Be Happy

The first tip and the most important according to us would be to keep in mind that your parents want you to be happy. This will help you to stay level-headed. During the conversation, you may feel that your parents are being rude or not thinking about you but that’s not true.

#3 Introduce Your Partner Through Gupshups

Do you know why your family and relatives think that your best friend (opposite sex) is your partner? Because you mention them whenever you share good or bad times. This indirectly makes an image in your parent’s mind that, that particular person is always with you. You can use it to your benefit by telling your parents about incidents that happened when you were with your partner. This way you can subtly create an image in your parent’s mind about your partner’s personality.

#4 Take Help From A Trustworthy Person

When it comes to Indian relatives, they are always seen on the negative side because of their mentality. So before you go to your parents and tell them about your relationship, you must take advice from a person who is trustworthy. This can be a family friend, a supporting relative or someone whom your family trusts and respects.

#5 Give A Brief About Your Parents To Your Partner And Vice Versa

Its time to finally introduce them to each other face to face but before you do it, make sure you give a brief about your parents to your partner and the other way around. This helps them to understand the person they are meeting. Also, it gives a fair idea of which topic they should avoid during the conversation. Imagine a boy talking about seafood to a brahmin family.

#6 Choose A Decent Place For The Meet Up

Make sure that the place is decent and peaceful. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. We suggest you take them for lunch or dinner because food gets people together. And this trick works always!

#7 Sit Back And Observe

Now the ball is in their court and they are the ones who will announce the decision. But don’t be impatient to ask them about their decision, rather wait and observe. Their actions speak more than words that is how you will get to know what the result is. Similarly, observe your partner’s opinion about your parents too.

#8 Understand You Parents Concern

We are sure that the above tips are useful but this one is the crux of the lot. In case your parents aren’t agreeing with your opinion then you must, first of all, refer to the first point. Next, understand the reason behind their opinion. Try and make them understand how much that person means to you. And lastly, sssure them that ‘Everything Will Be Fine’.

With that being said, we wish you the best of luck and congratulations in advance.

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