7 Tips By Hridoyharan B. A. Pass Actor Joey Debroy To Use Your Time Optimally


May 2, 2020


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1. Introspect

In Hridoyharan B. A. Pass, a Bengali comedy drama series starring Joey Debroy and Roshni Bhattacharya as a young couple, Hridoy and Pekham, who get married accidentally. When both their families disown them, they are left to fend for themselves! Joey, who plays Hridoy in the Bengali TV serial, recently shared some tips to make the most of your time at home, and we’ve got them for your right here! Watch him in the serial below.

Joey encourages us to introspect. Look within and reflect instead of getting frustrated or dwelling on negativity. Take the time to spend thoughts just on yourself. Sit alone and assess your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and judge your strategies in life so far. This will help you take stock of your situation and move forward.

2. Read

Joey says, “Try and utilise your time by reading biographies of great entrepreneurs and their life lessons.” Indeed, great literature widens our perspectives, sharpens our minds, and helps us to learn from the past. Reading also helps us to improve our communication skills, so we may be able to foster better relationships too.

3. Learn a skill

This is an opportune time to pick up a new skill that you have always wanted to. Identify one skill-set you wish to acquire – be it singing, practicing yoga, or learning to use nunchucks. Decide on a particular time and practice it everyday without fail. Developing a new skill requires time and effort, and if you put those in, you will have gained it before you even realise it!

4. Work out

Physical exercise is important in order to release neurotransmitters in the brain that make us happy, and keep us fit and healthy. It also boosts immunity, and we must make make a conscious effort to get some movement while we spend all our time at home. Try it! You will feel the benefits immediately.

5. Family time

Joey says, “Those of you who are blessed to have your family around you at this time, make sure you utilise it by getting to know them better and spending as much time with them as you can without social media.” Quality time to bond with your own is so important and wholesome, and help you nurture your relationship with them. Also, less time on social media impacts your mental health positively.

6. Gratitude

“Make sure you remember the time when things were going perfectly for you, or the people who stood beside you in your worst time. Make sure you thank them, and then thank this universe for everything so far. Then, pray for a better tomorrow.” Wise words from Joey! Counting your blessings is an effective way to enhance your life manifold, so start doing this today!

7. Gratify

It is very important to gratify yourself with something you would like to do and enjoy the most, whether it is watching a movie, chatting, browsing the web, or enjoying a delicious treat. There is only one caveat to this – gratify yourself only after you have done all of the above!

Which of these tips from Joey Debroy did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts below!

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