7 Thoughtful Things You Can Gift To An Expecting Mother Like Kalyana Vaibhogam’s Manga

Sneha Bale

November 5, 2019


1 min

Self-care kit


In the ZEE Telugu show Kalyana Vaibhogam, Manga and Jai are expecting a little one soon and the whole of Suryadevara family cannot keep calm. Well, we totally understand the excitement and we’re equally excited to be a part of their journey. Soon, Manga will have her Sreemantham or Baby shower. We thought this would be a good time to think of a thoughtful gift idea for all those expecting mothers out there.

Watch the latest episode here:

Once the baby arrives, new mothers will probably have no time left on hands to do anything else. Trying gifting them a fancy self-care kit. It demands the new mom to open it, use it and feel rejuvenated. They need to take care of themselves before their kids.

Diaper caddy


A new mom who wants her peace of mind and loves organisation, this diaper caddy seems to be a blessing in disguise.

Woollen footwear


We’ve been told that mothers often become weaker after the delivery. That’s why we think a good pair of woollen footwear, which double as socks and shoes will be a great gift.

Baby Monitor


Let her have some time to herself without locking her little munchkin outside. This baby monitor is the perfect gift. She can have moments of peace and also take care of the baby.

Scented Candles


Nothing spells magic as a scented candle does. Brownie points to you if you can figure out her favourite calming scent.

Memory books


If the new mom is the kind who likes to pen down thoughts and maintain journals, a memory book will become her new best friend. We bet!

A mom locket


A cute little reminder of the new phase that the girl is about to start sounds like a good idea. Doesn’t it? You can play around with the colour, design and even go ahead for embellishments and diamonds if that’s her style.

We hope this helped you pick the perfect gift. Stay tuned for more updates and episodes. For more, check out Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5.

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