7 Things You Will Find Only In Puri Jagannadh’s Ram Pothineni-Starrer iSmart Shankar

Sneha Bale

October 9, 2019


1 min

Chocolate boy turns into a bad man


For years, we have seen Puri Jagannadh’s films and by now, the popular belief is that the filmmaker sticks to a certain formula that makes him films a superhit. However, there is always a first time. And iSmart Shankar is the best of them all. For starters, the movie changes the chocolate boy, loving and charming Ram Pothineni into a never-before-seen badass goon. His fair and lovely skills and skin are turned into dark deeds and dusky tones.

Watch the film here:

A typical and thick Telangana accent


For a long time, our native cinema itself refrained from using the language of the land. We have been used to the polished version of Telugu all the years. It is only recently that filmmakers and the actors are exploring and embracing the native dialects. At such a time, iSmart Shankar takes the game a notch higher by using the most amount of Telangana accent. If you speak or like it, the film is a treat for you.

Action sequences you can believe


Let’s be honest! The sight of men rocketing into the sky and cars bursting into ashes is something we all enjoy. Our love for physics-defying action is undeniable but we don’t really buy into those sequences or stories. In this film, there is plenty of action. But it’s all believable. And hence, it’s better.

One body, two memories


As seen in the trailer, the story of iSmart Shankar begins when a chip is inserted into Ram’s brain, making him a ‘double sim card phone’. Although it is made to be funny, the touch of science fiction sets the film apart from the rest. Here’s another first for the filmmaker!

One for brain and one for gut


Women of substances? Yes, please! iSmart Shankar boasts of not one but two beautiful actresses who have characters that will make you fall for them. Who does not like strong women? In this film, while Nidhhi Agerwal seeks intelligence and calm composure to get things, Nabha Natesh takes an eye for an eye with her guts and power.

Songs with a wicked twist


We’re sure you have listened and enjoyed the soundtrack of this film. We won’t be surprised if you continue to shake a leg every time a song from iSmart Shankar comes on. But hey, try paying closer attention to the lyrics –  for a good giggle or laugh. Thank us later.

Good-looking villain


Everyone loves a smart hero. But are you impressed by a smart and good-looking villain, too? From Kabir Singh Duhan to Tarun Arora, we have a good number of handsome antagonists. But after watching iSmart Shanklar, you will have a special place for Raj Deepak Shetty.

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