7 Things To Do While Staying At Home Like Rukmini Maitra


April 6, 2020


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Grow And Nurture A Plant


Today, we are facing a global crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic. Operations across entire nations have come to a screeching halt, and with good reason. People are limiting their movements and staying home to prevent the contagion from spreading any further. During this time, it is important to stay positive and make the most of the situation. Cockpit  star Rukmini Maitra has a few very helpful ideas of activities we can continue to engage in while in quarantine till this epidemic passes. Check them out below! Also, watch the trailer of her latest Bengali film Kidnap here:


This is the perfect time to grow a plant of your very own and take care of it every day. There are many benefits in doing this such as cleaner air around it, and the act of nurturing something goes a long way towards one’s personal growth.

Read A Book


Reading enriches the mind and nourishes the soul. So if you have found it difficult to find time to read before, this is your chance! Grab a book you find interesting, and lose yourself in its pages.



Meditation trains the mind and lends you peace over the long run, so take out five to 10 minutes a day to try this excellent practice. You can try to work yourself up to even 20 or 30 minutes gradually and watch the benefits accumulate.

Learn How To Cook


Cooking is one of the most useful skills in life, so if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to learn to do so. It is an essential activity, and in times of emergency, it will come in extremely handy to support yourself or another. It can also be therapeutic, so go ahead and pick your favourite dish to start with.

Yoga And Work Out


Try doing yoga or a vigorous workout in your room with all the newly found spare time you have. Staying fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself as well as others, so go on and take advantage of this period.

Clean Your Wardrobe


Ever thought you needed to organise your closet better or clean you room and get rid of clutter? Well, now there is time for you to get on with it! Clean up your house if you also need to, and you will feel much better about it after it is done.

Learn To Play An Instrument


If there is a particular musical instrument you have always wanted to learn how to play, you can let yourself finally pick it up and play it! Today, there are plenty of resources on the internet, including free ones, that offer lessons and guidance you can follow in the comfort of your room. So go ahead and start strumming that guitar or discover how to play a few new chords on that keyboard.

Which of these activities suggested by Rukmini appeals to you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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