7 Things Saif Ali Khan Discussed On Pinch From Taimur, Padma Shri To Being A Nawab

Aayushi Sharma

May 14, 2019


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1. Saif Ali Khan says Kareena Kapoor Khan is always on social media

After Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan was the latest guest on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch. During her appearance, Saif discussed a variety of subjects including his gorgeous son Taimur Ali Khan, the controversy around his name, Padma Shri and being a Nawab amongst others. Here are the excerpts from the episode:

When asked why Saif and Kareena are not on social media, he responded, “Is she?” He further added, “We watch TV in the evenings after work and after Taimur has gone to sleep. I see her on social media all the time. She is aware.”

2. Saif Ali Khan admits to being on social media

On Pinch, Saif admitted that he indeed has been on social media. However, he also revealed that he can never imagine himself typing something about someone’s fashion ever.

3. Saif Ali Khan wanted to return the Padma Shri award

A mean tweet accused Saif of buying the Padma Shri award. Replying to the same he said, “I’m afraid that is not possible. It’s a bit beyond me to bribe the Indian government. You will have to ask more senior people.” The actor further revealed that he felt he doesn’t want to accept it because he felt there were many more deserving actors in the industry.

“I wanted to give it back. I didn’t want to accept it. My father said to me, ‘I don’t think you are in a position to refuse the Indian government.’ So I said okay and I very happily took it,” he said.

4. "I have always loved the name Taimur," revealed Saif Ali Khan

Addressing the controversy surrounding his son’s name, Saif answered, “I never understood. I thought Taimur is one of the most beautiful names. I had a family member call that when I was a kid and I have always loved the name. Taimur means Iron and it’s a strong name. I am also aware of the controversy that it sounds a lot and people felt it is based on the Turkish Mogul Invader called Timur. I am saying it’s not the same as Timur. If you think one letter doesn’t make a difference, then I am saying luck and fuck are also completely different words. “

5. Saif Ali Khan has no interest in being a Nawab

A tweet mentioned that India has abolished titles. Discussing the subject of being born into a royal lineage, Saif replied, “I have never been interested in being a Nawab. I don’t want to be a Nawab. I want to be an actor. I have always thought of myself as an actor. But sometimes you pick up these tags. People associate you with certain things. I am very proud of Pataudi. My father is the last Nawab. I prefer eating kebabs to being a Nawab for sure.”

6. Saif Ali Khan gives a befitting reply to wearing a white kurta to Sonam Kapoor's wedding

Said the Happy Ending actor, “It’s her wedding, it’s not my wedding. It’s very sad that people are sitting and watching who wore what and adding their comment. It’s a sad situation. I cannot imagine typing that under any circumstances.”

7. "What if Taimur is not interested in entering Bollywood?" quips Saif Ali Khan

“Everyone I speak to, everybody around thinks that all the kids want to join films and they do. Most of our kids want to do that which is a good thing, a great thing but I don’t know why I am a little concerned about that. I feel there should be other choices…somebody might want to say I want to become a doctor or a lawyer kind of stuff. Maybe I am sounding very old-fashioned but anyway, I am not interested in making his debut in Bollywood and neither is he (laughs). This is the way it happens…sometimes they see their parents, everybody in the family is an actor. So I don’t have an issue with anyone doing anything as long as they have a good job and are good people and are well brought up. But there must be so much pressure on my kid also. Like poor Taimur I think will have pressure, like I had to be a cricketer or something. What if he is not interested? Anyway, there’s a lot of good wishes for the kid and I would like to thank everyone for that,” elaborated Saif.

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