7 Steps To Follow If You Want To Avoid Being A Victim Of Bank Fraud Like Kiran Kulkarni

Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni starring Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar, is an important lesson in credit card frauds. Know how you can avoid them.

Rukmini Chopra

May 8, 2019


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Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni starring Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar, provides entertainment and creates awareness all at once. The film tells the story of a man, Kiran Kulkarni (Subodh) who gets involved in a credit card fraud by con artist Kasturi (Kranti), who steals his identity and poses as him. Kiran is on the lookout for Kasturi and we are taken on a roller coaster ride, once these two come face to face. The madness begins when Kiran’s wife Pallavi, gets a fraud call from Kasturi and falls for it, divulging her credit card details in the process.

Subodh Bhave And Kranti Redkar In Kiran Kulkrani Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Subodh Bhave and Kranti Redkar in Kiran Kulkrani vs Kiran Kulkarni

Does Kiran find Kiran? Watch the film and find out here.

Credit card frauds are common these days where citizens get calls from crooks, telling them that they are bankers and are looking to secure accounts. As a result, many citizens fall for this trap and give out secured information. Hence, it’s important to be aware about how you can avoid becoming a victim. Follow these 9 steps:

1. Don’t give out your credit card details

Priya Marathe In Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
Priya Marathe in Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni

If you get a call asking for your credit card number, account number, IFSC code, account password, etc., beware and cut the line immediately. In no given situation are you supposed to divulge such sensitive information to anybody. This is the first and most important sign to track a fraud call.

2. Get rid of any material holding your credit card information

If you have your bank statements in print and want to get rid of it, don’t simply crush the paper and put it in trash. The paper can easily be unfolded and your account number can be seen. Instead, use a shredder or tear the printed statement properly so that none of your details are visible.

3. Always verify the amount before signing the receipt 

Avoid Bank Fraud By Checking Your Amount Receipts Carefully
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Have a good look at the amount that you are being charged, before signing the receipt. If you see some blank spaces next to the amount, make sure to draw zeros in the space to fill it or else, the cashier could put in an amount of his/ her choice and charge you the amount.

4. Don’t click on unknown or unfamiliar links

You may receive emails asking you to visit a link for a better user experience. Don’t click on them, even if they seem like they have been sent by your own bank. Many scammers send such emails to trap consumers into divulging sensitive information.

5. Report a stolen card immediately

A Still From Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni
A still from Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni

 If you lose your card, call up your bank immediately and report it as missing. This helps them block the card, so that it can’t be used for fraudulent charges.

6. Keep checking your bank statements 

Check your bank statements on a monthly basis to check for any payment, you didn’t make. In case you spot any, inform your bank immediately.

7. Keep a lookout for scammers at ATMs and gas stations 

There are times when people place credit card skimming devices at ATMs and gas stations, where your credit card information can get stored and visited later by scammers.

Now that you have all the information you need, do you promise to be careful? Tell us if you have ever faced a tricky situation in the comments section below!

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