7 Standout Scenes From Hebbuli That Outline The Brilliance Of Kiccha Sudeep’s Talent

Parinika Uchil

August 8, 2019


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1. Rescue mission of the stranded doctors

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Captain Raam (Kichcha), a para-commando officer is sent in with his team on a rescue mission in the remote villages in Kashmir. While watching this scene you will see the incredible talent this veteran has in terms of acting. If he wasn’t an actor, he probably would look good as an officer, don’t you think?

If you are a fan of Kannada films, you must be aware of Kiccha Sudeep’s brilliant performances. His blockbuster film Hebbuli shows how much influence an actor can have on his fans. Hebbuli translates to Strong Ferocious Tiger and according to me, Sudeep has done full justice to his role in the movie.

To catch a glimpse of this handsome actor as Captain Raam, watch the film here:

2. The true patriot

Kiccha Sudeep And Amala Paul In Hebbuli

Raam explains the difference between a patriot and a non-patriot to Nandini, who tries to impress him by singing an incomplete verse of Vande Mataram. Apart from this, his patriotism can be seen throughout the film, making his role relatable to actual soldiers and civilians alike. An assertive para-commando officer, a loving brother and a wonderful uncle are few words to describe Sudeep’s character of Captain Raam.

3. The distressing news

Captain Raam Aka Kiccha Sudeep In Hebbuli

Just as Raam and his teammates are having some amusing moments, the former gets the most shocking news of his life. Sudeep did a fabulous job expressing the emotions of a para-commando officer, who can’t cry like any civilians but is devastated from within. I am sure you must have shed a tear watching the song of his flashback with his older brother during this scene.

4. Nandini lands in his house unannounced

A Still From Hebbuli

In my opinion, Namma Kiccha Sudeep looks cute in lovey-dovey scenes. As Raam takes a break from the investigation into his brother’s death, he finds Nandini in his house and is taken aback. What happens next is hilarious and should not be missed.

5. His warning to Amruth Shah and Arasikere Anjanappa

Kiccha Sudeep In A Still From Hebbuli

After learning about the whole truth, a furious Captain Raam storms into the house of Amruth Shah (Ravi Kishan) and Arasikere Anjannappa (played by P. Ravishankar) to give them a final warning. Once again, Sudeep did great in bringing out the true emotions of an officer who is frustrated with injustice. Simply Superb!

6. Flashback with Sathyamoorthy

V Ravichandran And Kiccha In A Still From The Film

This is probably the best scene of the lot. Raam goes into a flashback mode when his brother Sathyamoorthy (played by V Ravichandran) was alive. Another funny scene that will keep you deeply entertained. Of course, Namma Crazy Star V Ravichandran’s appearance throughout the movie is not to be missed. Sudeep and his wonderful chemistry can be seen onscreen in the song that follows this scene.

7. The final showdown

Kiccha In A Still From The Climax Of Hebbuli

An action-filled climax in the movie brought out the best in Sudeep. Besides looking ruggedly handsome, Captain Raam showed the miscreants their rightful place in the end. It is great to watch your favourite actor in such roles because of their keen efforts to bring forth the awareness of any social evil.

I am sure these seven scenes from the movie would have made you even more proud of this Hebbuli actor than you already are.

Do you agree that Namma Kiccha did the perfect job as Captain Raam? Which part of the movie was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below with #ILoveKiccha

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