7 Scenes From The Telugu Superhit Bommarillu That Will Make You Smile

Sneha Bale

May 10, 2019


1 min

1. Where Hasini is scared she'll get horns on her head

The 2006 superhit Telugu film Bommarillu is one that will make you feel good no matter when and how many times you watch it. Starring Siddharth, Genelia Deshmukh, Prakash Raj and Jaya Sudha, this family drama and romantic comedy remains among our favourites even today. We did a recap of scenes from Bommarillu that bring a smile on our faces every single time.

Headbump once again. That’s what Hasini (played by Genelia) demands from her man Siddu (played by Siddharth). The reason? She is too scared to have kommulu (horns) on her forehead. Believe in what makes you happy, that’s Hasini’s mantra!

2. Where Hasini plays matchmaker

How does one get rid of a nagging (and single) professor? What’s the cure for an overprotective (and single) father? Well, Hasini tries to get them to wed. Creative much?

3. Where Siddu gets Hasini a kaleidoscope

Siddu is someone who is always prim and proper. Imagine such a person making an effort to enter a local market? He also struggles to get in and out of a crowded shop just to get his girl a kaleidoscope. It is funny to see Siddu struggle but also heart-warming to see his efforts.

4. Where Hasini offers to drop Siddu

It’s midnight and ice cream cravings have been satisfied. When Hasini and Siddu reach her doorstep, she offers to drop him to his place on her bicycle. Such cuteness, we tell you!

5. Where Hasini confesses her love

Every girl seems to enjoy the chase before finally admitting about her feelings to her guy. Hasini has had her share of that, too. But Hasini’s way of confessing her feelings for Siddu is outstanding. Why should one person say ‘I Love You’ when an entire bus of students can do the job by saying, “Hasini loves you, senior sir!”

6. Where Satti introduces himself

Sidhu’s house help, Satti, is the most important member of the family and he doesn’t waste time in waiting for a formal introduction. He does the job himself by saying, “Naa peru Satti, oka manchi panodu” (I am Satti, a good house help).

7. Where Hasini is again scared of growing horns

The child in Hasini does not like horns on the forehead! She wouldn’t take a chance even if that means risking many things, one of them being acceptance by Siddu’s family. This scene alone can make you smile anytime and anywhere!

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