7 Scenes From Nagarjuna And Nani Starrer Devadas That Are Our Absolute Top Picks

Sneha Bale

August 1, 2019


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1. A New Relationship


Devadas, starring Nagarjuna and Nani, is a Telugu film that we know, for sure, will remain among our all-time-favourites for a long, long time. We look at a few of many scenes in the Telugu movie that instantly made a mark on us.

It doesn’t take too long for that to happen, because our list starts with the first scene itself. A young Deva saves the mafia don, played by R Sarathkumar. Impressed by his loyalty to a stranger, the don offers a job to the young boy but he asks for partnership instead.

2. The Stunning Entry


Rashmika Mandanna plays the role of Pooja, an undercover agent, who eventually falls in love with her suspect — Das, played by Nani. Although the film revolves mainly around the men — it is Rashmika who gets the most stunning entry. Try not falling for her. We bet!

3. The Saving Grace


During an emergency, Das uses his knowledge to save the life of an epileptic patient. Moments before his seizure, the patient’s daughter rubs a pinch of vermillion on his forehead. Later, when he joins his hands to thank Das, he gives the credit to the little girl and her prayers.

4. The Life Lesson


During Deva and Das’ initial meeting, the don challenges the doctor to hold the gun. But Das fails. A little later, Das initiates a drinking game that eventually becomes their ritual. Here’s when the film first tells us — there’s good in bad and bad in good.

5. The Walk Down Memory Lane


A decade later, Deva revisits his famous food stall and says: “Laxmi Akka, a spicy fish fry”. He then asks if she remembers him. Laxmi, played by Aishwarya Bhaskaran, ignores him initially but brings him his order with the widest smile and greets him.

6. The One With(out) Fear


Deva threatens to kill Das. Because Das lied to Deva about how he managed to get him a date with the girl he has a crush on. Das stands without any fear and asks why he took it so seriously. Deva confesses that he was ‘scared’ and ‘nervous’ to meet a girl for the first time.

7. The Change Begins


Das tried his best but didn’t succeed in his attempts to change Deva into a ‘better’ man. But a small kid did it with one conversation. He asked if Deva can scare anyone and Deva proudly accepted. But the child asked if he could scare away leukaemia, Deva had no answer to give.

Trying to connect the dots? Watch the film instead. For more, check out ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. here.

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