7 Romantic Cliches That Never Get Old Like Nikhil’s Dinner Date In Three Half Bottles

Sneha Bale

December 27, 2019


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Candlelit dinner dates

In the latest ZEE5 Original, Three Half Bottles, Nikhil (Aditya Pamnani) feels like he has won the world when his crush, Neha (Monica), agrees to meet him for dinner. Nikhil gets his roommates out of the house and gets ready to make the most important night of his life memorable. From dim lights and scented candles to a three-course meal and jazz music, this scene made us go aww. No matter how much we deny, some cliches in relationships will always remain romantic.

Just like Neha, anyone would be enthralled to be taken to a candle-lit dinner. The good thing about this is it automatically makes the environment more romantic and intimate. After all, nobody cares about what’s on the table when all we care for is who is across the table.

Long walks under the starry night sky

People who revel in such ideas are called hopelessly romantic. But where else would one be happy being hopeless if not in love? Long walks, hand in hand, stars above and the cold breeze! No brand or material could ever match up to the little things like this one.

Dancing in the rain

You may call it filmy or kiddish but all dancing in the rain is, is cute. As we grow up, the child in us is left somewhere alone. And when you are in love, that’s the one jumping with excitement. So, if it takes dancing in the rain with the person of your dreams, then why not?

Cosy movie dates

The one thing that does not require you to burn your pockets or walk the extra mile is a movie-date. Get your comfortable blankets out, turn the lights off and switch on your favourite movie. Grab a tub of ice-cream or a leftover slice of pizza and enjoy your time.

Cooking for the SO

Most people might take a step back when talking about cooking. But the joy of cooking for your significant other beats all your fears and reservations. Although a tedious task, the satisfaction is unmatched.

Flowers and chocolates

There hasn’t been a time in all of history when a bouquet of flowers and a handful of chocolates haven’t made a girl happy. Get some sunflowers, lillies or the cliched red roses for your girl and watch her frown turn upside down.

Letters and notes

If you are one of the many, who cannot express emotions, this is your go-to. Even if you can express your emotions, writing them down always amplifies the effect. Long love letters and small post-its, never underestimate the power of words. 

What romantic cliche do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to watch Three Half Bottles and do check out Hawala on ZEE5.

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